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Topic #418: Lookahead vs guessing
By Nancy Sands (nsands)

#1: Nancy Sands (nsands) on Aug 27, 2013

In the solvability pop down, can you define "lookahead" vs "guessing"?
#2: Wombat (wombatilim) on Sep 3, 2013
"Moderate lookahead" can be solved using techniques (other than line and color logic) listed on the "Advanced solving techniques" page:


"Deep lookahead" can be solved with similar techniques, but they require mentally tracking three or more moves ahead.

"Guessing" means the available options are too many to mentally track, and you actually have to guess where to put the next move and see how it plays out before deciding whether it's correct.

It's sometimes difficult to tell whether a puzzle is "deep lookahead" or "guessing" (until someone can come up with a reliable solving guide that meets "deep lookahead" and is still trackable without actually marking the puzzle), but we have enough experienced solvers on the site to have a fairly good consensus on "moderate lookahead."

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