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Comments on Puzzle #12172: WCP #77: Dance Like...
By Teresa K (fasstar)

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#1: Teresa K (fasstar) on Feb 11, 2011

This from BBC:

A word of caution for jubilant Egyptians from the former UN Deputy Secretary-General, Lord Malloch Brown. "Tonight is certainly a night to celebrate," he tells the BBC. "But tomorrow morning I think is going to be a real time for reflection because I think this is really two armies. It's a younger army of people who were out there trying to guard the square and who let kids and families climb all over the tanks and clearly felt a generational empathy. But it's an army also of elderly generals, who've been some of the most conservative backers of President Mubarak for the last 30 years, and so I think you're going to see a fissure within the army if the generals try to hold out for stability over democracy."
#2: Byrdie (byrdie) on Feb 11, 2011 [SPOILER]
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#3: Trish (tryingmysoul) on Feb 11, 2011
Me, too, Martin. I am happy, though, that the Egyptians have had this celebration no matter how short (or long)-lived it may be.
#4: bugaboo (bugaboo) on Feb 11, 2011
it looks like this lady is about to karate chop someone
#5: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Feb 12, 2011
was a wonderful scene to watch ...thx 4 entry T
#7: Teresa K (fasstar) on Feb 12, 2011
Martin, I guess in this case it would be "Dance like everyone is watching." :-D
#8: Jota (jota) on Feb 12, 2011
Thanks Teresa, very appropriate!
#9: Linda Martin (ilovethispuzzle123) on Feb 12, 2011
very nice - liked the challenge :-)
#10: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Feb 13, 2011
Great puzzle
#11: Kadou (Kadou) on Feb 13, 2011
You had me dancing all over the grid! :)
#12: Jane Doe (telly) on Feb 13, 2011
#13: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 14, 2011
I saw it in the afternoon)))
Nice puzzle, Teresa!
#14: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on May 11, 2013
very nice little puzzle, T!
#15: Jan Wolter (jan) on Oct 7, 2013 [SPOILER]
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#16: BlackCat (BlackCat) on May 31, 2020
A fun little solve.
#17: Brian Bellis (mootpoint) on Mar 22, 2023
Wonderful puzzle.

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