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Topic #320: Deleting unedited puzzles versions
By koakuma (koakuma)

#1: koakuma (koakuma) on Feb 24, 2012

There's a puzzle I edited 6 times before making it solvable logically. (I thought if I didn't check the "others can see it" square, it wouldn't be saved at all.)
Then I was stuck with 6 versions of it in my "create puzzles" thing (in the edit puzzle part)
I tried to delete one to make some room.
And they all got deleted....
I'm wondering if it's possible to remove one without all of the versions being deleted. (they all have the same number, but they're here more than one time in the edit puzzle section)
I have another puzzle that has 2 versions, I don't want to do the same mistake accidentaly.
So is it possible?

Oh and is it possible to get deleted puzzles back?
If we remember the number can we search for it?
it was... 11(something)30
.......Am i asking too much questions? xD
#2: Kadou (Kadou) on Feb 25, 2012
I'm not sure I understand all you said but I will try to answer...

A puzzle will have more than one version if you change it after you published it.
If that bothers you so much, then you can always create a copy of that multiple versions puzzle and publish the copy. The copy will only have one version - the last one. After, you can delete the original puzzle with multiple versions.

My guess is that once a puzzle is deleted, it's gone for good.
#3: koakuma (koakuma) on Feb 25, 2012
At least it wasn't a really good puzzle xD
i'll try not doing the same mistake again ¬¬

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