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Topic #72: Printable Puzzles
By Kim Kettner (kkettner)

#1: Kim Kettner (kkettner) on Dec 2, 2007

Hello!!!! Love the web site!!! By any chance could we get more updated printable puzzle packs???? I love to have them for trips and at working meeting that are REALLY boring... he he!!! Don't make it a huge priority just when ever!!! Thank You!!!!
#2: Jan Wolter (jan) on Dec 2, 2007
Yeah, I haven't updated those in an awful long time. I really should do that.
#3: Johanna smith (micki) on Feb 8, 2008
I do like the puzzle packs too. Very handy to be able to print out a whole bunch at once!!
#4: Arduinna (arduinna) on Aug 10, 2008
I've noticed several of you mentioning printing out puzzles to bring with you on trips, and seeing as how I'm going to Scotland soon (TWO WEEKS!! YAY!!!), I was wondering how you went about printing them. Is there a quicker way than finding individual puzzles and printing them one at a time? I did find these puzzle packs under "Print Puzzles," but I've done most of these.
#5: Rea Aksgl├Žde Karlsen (Rea) on Aug 10, 2008
i just search for puzzles i havent done that where the sice and colors I like. and then printed them individually
#6: Nancy Snyder (naneki) on Aug 10, 2008
none that I know of, sorry. I did one by one
#7: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 17, 2008
I really should update those puzzle packs.
#8: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 19, 2008
OK, I have updated the puzzle packs on the "Print Puzzles" pages. (Well, there are a few more to do, but they'll be up in the next few minutes.)

I've also zipped those files, which makes them about 1/4 the original size.

My original idea for this was that I'd make a page where you could specify what puzzles you want, kind of like on the "Find Puzzles" page, and then it would generate a pdf file with those puzzles in it. That was cool, except that it often took hours to generate the file, and I can't tie up the webserver with things like that. So now I generate them on my home computer and upload them all, which is kind of a pain, and doesn't get done as often as it should.
#9: Arduinna (arduinna) on Aug 19, 2008
Thanks Jan! Just in time for my trip!
#10: Kelly Groth (kellyhenk) on Jan 19, 2014
Hi Jan. I noticed that there are a LOT more puzzles up on the site. Any idea if those will become printable? I just LOVE doing these and am grateful that you created this website! Right up my alley!
#11: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Jan 19, 2014
Any individual puzzle is printable from its page. I don't think the puzzle packs are likely to be updated anymore.
#12: Kelly Groth (kellyhenk) on Feb 3, 2014
Bummer. I liked the zipped version of the older ones. I guess I'll just have to print them one by one. Still, they're printable, and that's the point!
#13: Jan Wolter (jan) on Feb 17, 2014
Hmmm...maybe I should revisit those. If I remember correctly, I had to generate them offline and upload them manually. It was a somewhat complex process, and catching up would require an awful lot of work.

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