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Topic #436: World Puzzle and Sudoku Championships
By Thomas Genuine (Genuine)

#1: Thomas Genuine (Genuine) on Oct 15, 2013

These events are in these days in Beijing, China!
Go on, puzzlers! :)
#2: Thomas Genuine (Genuine) on Oct 15, 2013
Results and others:
#3: Thomas Genuine (Genuine) on Oct 17, 2013
Breaking news from Beijing
World Sudoku Championship 2013:
1. China 2. Czech Rep. 3. Japan
#4: Thomas Genuine (Genuine) on Oct 18, 2013
Breaking News!
American World Champion in Individual Logic Puzzling!
1. Palmer Mebane, USA
2. Ulrich Voight, Germany
3. Hideaki Jo, Japan
#5: Thomas Genuine (Genuine) on Oct 18, 2013
In team competion, the same results: 1.USA, 2. Germany, 3. Japan
#6: Thomas Genuine (Genuine) on Oct 18, 2013
Sudoku, individual results:
1. Jin Ce, China
2. Kota Morinishi, Japan
3. Jakub Ondrusek, Czech Rep.
#7: Kristen Vognild (Kristen) on Oct 18, 2013
So, is this who can solve the fastest? I believe sites like Griddlers.net feature timed games.
#8: Thomas Genuine (Genuine) on Oct 18, 2013
Not the speed is the first but less mistakes (or more points in this case). The system of WPCs is: you must get more points in the time limit of a solving round. There can be ties but finally there will be much differences. Speed is rarely relevant.
Timed games used for children's puzzles. WPC is for the best minds! :)
#9: Jan Wolter (jan) on Oct 21, 2013
Palmer Mebane is a professional puzzle designer. Mostly various kinds of logic puzzles.

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