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Topic #420: Obrazki Logiczne
By Bryan (Cyclone)

#1: Bryan (Cyclone) on Aug 30, 2013


Does anyone buy these? I'm looking at starting to collect them, but even with solutions in the previous issue, there are some that are not available. I'm placing an order up to #34 at the moment, and that will give me puzzles in all magazines except for issues 12, 19, 20, 21, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31, and 32. I stopped at 34 because shipping roughly doubles with one more issue, and it's not worthwhile to add another 16 magazines right now (I don't want to pay that much). Provided other issues after 34 do not sell out, I can eventually collect the rest.

What I'm looking for are copies of back issues (solved are fine, I'll remake them); I can take one that covers two magazines' puzzles if you don't have the prior issue, as well. That means 12 or 13 (with 12's solutions) and 24 or 25 (with 24's solutions). Depending on what is out there for the ranged areas, I might be interested in certain ones.

Let me know if you can help. Obviously I want to pay for them if possible. =)
#2: Kristen Vognild (Kristen) on Aug 30, 2013
Since I can't read Polish, this wouldn't be for me. I used to buy Dell and Penny Press magazines of logic puzzles, "pencil puzzles and word games", and variety puzzles, and they always have ads for different sorts of puzzles for sale. Like, if you want a book full of anacrostics, or whatever. I've been tempted to buy them, but never have.
#3: Bryan (Cyclone) on Sep 2, 2013
Yeah, I know they are in Polish, but the way I see it, the puzzle itself is universal. =)

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