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Topic #376: Obscene entries
By Norma Dee (norm0908)

#1: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 26, 2013

I don't believe shir frie (shirfrie) belongs on this site. Perhaps they can find another where their efforts are appreciated.
#2: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Mar 26, 2013
I am sure Karl appreciates those efforts. Probably Tom (sensei) and a few others do too, but I agree that most of us do NOT.
#3: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 26, 2013
Absolutely. We have young children on this site and any porn would certainly be offensive as far as their parents are concerned. I, personally, find it offensive and feel very strongly that this is not the site for it.
#4: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Mar 26, 2013
Jan has often stated that he doesn't believe in censoring anyone's creations. Usually, the creator is asked to include a warning in the title, though it's pretty obvious in the case of shirfrie's latest puzzle (which I have not solved). I'm just going by the title.
#5: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 26, 2013
Unfortunately a warning in the title would only serve to pique the curiosity of many children. Which in turn, would only serve to make their parents a bit angry to say the least. His dicks and tits puzzle (which I only looked at and did not solve) is very graphic and can only be labeled as pornographic. I can't believe Jan would want porn on his site.
#6: Joel Lynn (furface1) on Mar 26, 2013
I'd like for these puzzles to be deleted. They are inappropriate for this site.
#7: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 26, 2013
Hopefully, the people who use this site on a regular basis agree with you, Joel.
#8: Brian Bellis (mootpoint) on Mar 27, 2013
I've just been marking them as completed so that they no longer appear on my list.
#9: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 27, 2013
Apparently that's all we can do. I was really hoping they would be deleted.
#10: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Mar 28, 2013
Jan isn't on very much (his email address is in the FAQ if you feel that strongly), but they're fairly crude and sophomoric images. It looks like some kid trying to get attention, and it worked. Several people are up in arms over the sort of doodles you'd see in a middle schooler's notebook.

Jan is against censorship, and I would have to say that if you're afraid your children will see these images (since the creator doesn't seem to have returned to add a warning OR remove them), be there to monitor their puzzling, and be ready to have a conversation: about private parts, or just juvenile attention-seekers.
#11: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Mar 28, 2013
Hear, hear, Kristen. If you want to prepare your children for life, you must *prepare them*, not shield them. If they're old enough to be doing the puzzles on this site without help, then they're old enough to be talked to about stuff like this.

Likely they're finding much worse stuff on their own. If you haven't expressed your viewpoint to them before they encounter something, you've lost the advantage of first impression.

#12: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 28, 2013
Hopefully this site will continue to be family oriented and that all this open mindedness isn't an open invitation to a plethora of filth.
#13: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Mar 28, 2013
This site has never been family-oriented. It has for the most part been family-friendly, but it has always been adult-oriented (in the precise sense, not the vulgar sense). There has been no attempt to censor puzzles for content (and only rarely for any other reason - usually because they were totally unsolvable).
#14: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 28, 2013
Technically I used oriented incorrectly because oriented means that is it directed towards something and this site IS primarily directed towards adults as most children do not yet have the skills necessary to solve the puzzles. But there is,so far, nothing preventing them from trying. But I stand firm in my desire in hoping that this site does not become known as the "Porno Puzzle Palace."
#15: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Mar 28, 2013
I don't think there's much worry about that. There have been isolated "dirty" puzzles in the past, which have caused a brief stir then faded away. Most of the creators just don't make such puzzles, and most of those that do have the decency to add a warning in the title, even if there's only a chance that they'll be misinterpreted (like Al's puzzle of 2 children sharing a swing).
#16: Jota (jota) on Apr 3, 2013
I think it's all about supervision, if children were to google the terms used in the titles, they will find worst.
@ #2 You shouldn't name names, Tom is a gentleman, the fact that we sometimes make fun of things doesn't give you the right to trash people.
#17: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Apr 3, 2013
#18: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Apr 3, 2013
I agree about the "make fun of things" part of what you wrote. What do you think I was doing when I write what I did???
#19: Jota (jota) on Apr 3, 2013
I didin't see a :-)
#20: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Apr 3, 2013
I didn't put one in. But really? You don't know me by now?
#21: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Apr 4, 2013
I'd say that people who know Tom well enough to understand Adam's implication know Adam well enough to understand the intention...for better or for worse
#22: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Apr 4, 2013
#23: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Apr 4, 2013
#24: Jan Wolter (jan) on May 2, 2013
As various people have said, I don't generally censor for content. I do ask that puzzles with content that might be offensive to some people have titles that give fair warning. I have added "Offensive" tags to the headings, to make it a bit clearer. Usually the puzzles hiding behind risqué titles are inoffensive jokes, so it helps to be explicit.

I can't say I worry much about kids finding porn on webpbn. If a kid is looking for porn on the internet, then I suspect that they find better images that they don't have to solve pixel-by-pixel without trying very hard. One of my kids was watching as I reviewed those puzzles and she doesn't seem to have taken any obvious damage.
#25: Norma Dee (norm0908) on May 2, 2013
Apparently the days of decorum and gentility are long gone. Remember when Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke slept in twin beds? Times have certainly changed.
#26: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on May 2, 2013
Those days never were. The depictions of that on TV were a product of America's weird puritanical streak - concern not so much about what people do, but with the perception of what they do.

I much prefer The Addams Family. The first family on American television that showed a family that was "realistic" - at least in terms of familial emotions. Adults that were obviously in love - even to embarrassing lengths at times (and who hasn't been embarrassed by their parents?)

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