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Topic #247: White Spaces
By Ron Jacobson (shmily999)

#1: Ron Jacobson (shmily999) on Oct 27, 2010

Sorry if this topic has been addressed in the past.....

Is there a way, once the puzzle is solved, to see the white spaces without the dots in them? I think it would make it easier on the eyes.

Thanks and keep the great puzzlzes coming!
#2: Jan Wolter (jan) on Oct 27, 2010
Nope. Maybe there should be. Or maybe dots in the white spaces is the true look of a PBN puzzle.
#3: Kadou (Kadou) on Nov 10, 2010
What would be nice to have is a solved puzzle shown without the dots and without the grid lines either.
#4: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Nov 11, 2010
that's an excellent idea. I'm mostly interested in the quality of the finish puzzle (as many of you already know from the wcp) and having a way to show the final image without the grid or white dot could be amazing. Maybe from the peek fonction so you can peek without having the 'real' solution in front of you.

Let wait and see if Jan can do it without too many trouble
#5: Jan Wolter (jan) on Nov 13, 2010
I could, of course, find a way to do that, but I'm not sure that I agree that the "real" solution is one without grid lines or dots. Mostly though, I'm short of programming time.
#6: Kadou (Kadou) on Nov 13, 2010
There could be two views: a "View solution" and a "View finished painting".
#7: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Sep 2, 2011
i find that sometimes that colors don't look so good without the lines, it also exaggerates the Not roundness of the picture

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