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Topic #244: Teresa, I thought of you when I saw this article
By Adam Nielson (monkeyboy)

#1: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Oct 14, 2010


At least the first paragraph, anyway.

For a good chuckle on an unrelated, lighter note, make sure to click on the link to the right called "Why can't I make mom friends?"
#2: Teresa K (fasstar) on Oct 14, 2010
The UK study has received a lot of media coverage lately. That is a study that has many flaws, and the researchers even say as much. They only followed the babies for a short time. Most adverse effects don't show up until the school years, sometimes not until adolescence. The headlines are misleading, as is this article, as they tend to imply that some alcohol is okay. I have read just about every study on the risk of alcohol during pregnancy, and I can tell you this:

There is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy. Every drink has the potential of doing some damage. Some babies are more resistant to alcohol's effects. Other babies can be adversely affected by light drinking or one night of partying.


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