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Topic #229: Race to the 10000
By Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick)

#1: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Jul 7, 2010

I wonder who will create the puzzle No. 10000?

Tom is my favorite!
#2: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Jul 7, 2010
I think we should let Jan create puzzle 10 000 after all the honor to do this landmark puzzle should be given to the one that start it up.
#3: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Jul 8, 2010
Good idea!
It has my vote!
#4: Byrdie (byrdie) on Jul 8, 2010
That's better than seeing a slew of pattern puzzles as persons try to be the one opening that number. Who knows, it may already be in design.
#5: Jan Wolter (jan) on Jul 8, 2010
I don't think it's practical to "wait for" any particular person to create puzzle number 10000. A hundred people could wait, and one wouldn't. Whoever gets it, gets it. Or maybe nobody does. Puzzle numbers often get skipped as people create puzzles that they don't publish.

Not creating a lot of crappy puzzles just to push the number over 10,000 would be nice though.
#6: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jul 15, 2010
wow,, thanks Kai
ditto #2
#7: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Aug 17, 2010
OOhh, someone saved the 10000, but it's not published yet!!
#8: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 17, 2010
I know who's got it. Dunno if that person means to publish it.
#9: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 17, 2010
It should be noted that there are only 8201 actual puzzles on the site. Puzzle numbers are assigned as soon as someone does the first save on a newly created puzzle, even if they aren't published yet. Some puzzles never get published, so some numbers (about 18% of them, it seems) get skipped.

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