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Topic #219: is Marso really back ?
By Martial (Marso)

#1: Martial (Marso) on Apr 6, 2010

Yes. I am here. Took me some time, though.

But first of all I must say thank you to everybody for the nice comments you've added to my puzzles!
I really enjoy reading them.

I am also amazed by the number of puzzles now available, by the dedication of some members, and by Jan commitment to the project.
Great work!!

This said, yes, I will be around, but I have so many puzzles to solve that I won't have much time to draw. It has been a long time too...

Good to be back.
#2: Martial (Marso) on Apr 6, 2010
Reading your comments makes me want to solve my own puzzles.
First one published Jan 2005, last one Jul 2007. I've had time to forget!
#3: Jan Wolter (jan) on Apr 8, 2010
Cool to see you back.

When I opened this site, I did a lot of puzzle creation myself, just so that the site would have some content. If you look at the puzzles in numerical order, you'll see that the first hundred or some were mostly my designs. Marso was first other person to start creating large numbers of cool puzzles. Those puzzles made me immensely happy, as they were the first evidence that the concept behind this site might actually work. So I'll be eternally grateful to Marso for his contribution to webpbn. He was instrumental in transforming this site from a place where you can go solve Jan Wolter's puzzles to a true community puzzle site.
#4: Barb Edwards (babarann) on Apr 8, 2010
Three cheers for Marso! Hip, hip...
#5: Merili (merilinnuke) on Apr 8, 2010
#6: doreen (doreenfanning) on Apr 10, 2010
Yes, cheers for Jan, Marso and all the other puzzle makers who have followed them and kept this site hopping!! I have been here almost every day for years now and am not close to doing all the puzzles! What a treat!

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