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Topic #193: WiiPicross Contests
By Gator (Gator)

#1: Gator (Gator) on Nov 5, 2009

HeroGlyphix.com is currently holding a design contest. The idea is to create a puzzle that would look good as a coaster. It is limited to either 15x15 or 20x20 puzzles. 7 winners will be chosen, and each of them will receive a custom made coaster of their design shipped to them anywhere in the world. Entries can be submitted up to Nov. 15th.

See the full details and rules here:

This contest is for highlighting their new (paid) service called Puzzlewares. Information on this can be found here:

Come on, WPBN, show them what you are made of!
#2: Teresa K (fasstar) on Nov 5, 2009
Oh boy!!!
#3: Jan Wolter (jan) on Nov 10, 2009
Wow, the coaster thing is cool. Do they have a machine that manufactures those coasters, or have they just put a six-year-old to work? (My kids have made similar coasters.)
#4: Jan Wolter (jan) on Nov 10, 2009
Hmmm...I can only find one mention on the web of an automated system to assemble fuse beads, and that's just somebody's mindstorm project. You can get clear plastic pegboards, so you could print the design on paper, put the pegboard over it, and place the beads manually, but that still seems like a lot of work for $4. There ought to be a robot.
#5: Gator (Gator) on Nov 10, 2009
I believe it is manual. If I am not mistaken, I believe this is the artist that does them.

#6: Gator (Gator) on Dec 2, 2009
HeroGlyphix has just started another contest. Detailed here:


For December 1 to 12, they will be hiding a puzzle somewhere on the site. The thread above gives you clues as to where the puzzles are hidden.

Most of you will not be interested in the contest itself, but for those small B&W puzzle lovers out there, this should interest you (I'm looking at you Teresa and Adam). The 12 puzzles will all be B&W 20x20 hard, non-advanced puzzles.
#7: Teresa K (fasstar) on Dec 2, 2009
Thanks. I'll check it out.
#8: Gator (Gator) on Dec 3, 2009
So did you find any of the puzzles yet? They are quite fun to do.
#9: Teresa K (fasstar) on Dec 3, 2009
Yep, did the first two. It took me awhile to figure out where to find the tags. Fun!
#10: Gator (Gator) on Apr 2, 2010
WiiPicross.com is now HeroGlyphix.com. They are starting a new design contest. The theme this time is "Get Funny". Details can be found here: http://www.heroglyphix.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=565

The top prize will be a Nintendo DS game of your choice (up to $40).

Anyone here what to take the challenge?

#11: Teresa K (fasstar) on Apr 2, 2010
Looks fun!
#12: Gator (Gator) on Apr 15, 2010
Teresa (under fasstar of course) is a finalist! Make sure to go play her puzzle and vote.

#13: Teresa K (fasstar) on Apr 15, 2010
Thanks, Gator. I notice it was edited to make it easier. Does that site consider "edge logic" as not solvable? I should have figured that out.
#14: Gator (Gator) on Apr 15, 2010
Matt is the guy that approves every single puzzle submitted on the site. He has a tester program that tests the puzzles. If they take too long, then USUALLY they are unsolvable, and he will make changes to them.

You can send him a PM and ask that he not edit your puzzle submissions. Make sure to tell him that you test each one of your puzzles for solvability.

Also, when you submit an "advanced" puzzle (which includes smile logic (called logical leaps), edge logic, two-way logic, etc.) you can add that to the tags. You also need to add '(Adv.)' to the puzzle title. This will also let him know that you are submitting an advanced puzzle.
#15: Teresa K (fasstar) on Apr 15, 2010
Thanks, Gator.
#16: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Apr 11, 2011
any more contest in the future, Gator?
#17: Gator (gator) on Jul 26, 2011
They just announced that another contest will be starting shortly. I'll post more details when I have them.
#18: Gator (gator) on Jul 27, 2011
Here is the link to the contest and the rules.
#19: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jul 27, 2011
thx Gator...how can i receive this contest in the future?
#20: Gator (gator) on Jul 27, 2011
You can't be automatically notified. You just have to pay attention to posting on the forums, or a banner shows up where you play puzzles with the announcements.

Also, I will still post here. :)

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