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Topic #161: saving problem in Mozilla with larger puzzles?
By brother john (bigcat)

#1: brother john (bigcat) on Apr 6, 2009

In Mozilla, when I load a previously saved partially solved puzzle, the rows below the 54th row are empty.
I don't have this problem in IE, and didn't have it in the old version pbn.
#2: Jan Wolter (jan) on Apr 12, 2009
That is exceedingly odd. Is there a particular puzzle number for which that was happening?
#3: brother john (bigcat) on Apr 13, 2009
not sure - I've working on the late 3000's and early 4000's since the new version - but I just finished 4049 and it didn't happen, it saved OK.

Yes, it does seem odd.
#4: brother john (bigcat) on Apr 13, 2009
sorry, my previous postings may not have been clear - this only happens with the larger puzzles - e.g. #3673, 99x99, only columns 41 and above are filled in - 3019, 65x90, columns 63 and above, columns below that are clear. This also happens when I reload a completed puzzle. And only in Mozilla/Firefox, when I open them in IE they're fine.
#5: Gator (Gator) on Jul 31, 2009
I just got the same issue working on #3673. Rows 41 and above were fine. Anything I had solved below that were gone. I am also working in Firefox.

I also noticed that the 'h' and 'v' commands do not always work when trying to fill in a large section. It seems to work fine when trying to fill in smaller sections. It's like it hits a timeout/abort.
#6: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 1, 2009
Exceedingly weird. I've never seen either problem, but I'm going to have to stare at the code

Looking at your saved game, their seem to be a few cells filled in in the bottom row. Were those something you filled in after the bottom half of the puzzle was lost, or did they somehow survive?

It looks like the data loss is happening when the puzzle is being saved, not during the restore.

There really shouldn't be timeouts in the h/v code. Dunno what could be up with that.
#7: Gator (Gator) on Aug 2, 2009
The bottom cells were filled in after the bottom half of the puzzle was lost. I just loaded the save up again, and those cells are gone again. I have not touched the puzzle since it was loaded up, but I will save it again so you can see the cells are blank again.

Since you were seeing the bottom cells in the saved game, then it seems the problem in on the restore side instead of the save side.
#8: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 3, 2009
Maybe I wasn't clear

In the database the puzzlea are saved as text, with one line for each row of the puzzle and a 'x' for unknown squares and '0', '1', '2', '3', '4' for white, black, red, green and blue.

For your copy of this puzzle, the correct number of lines of data are there, each with the correct number of columns. The top 41 lines look line they are a partially solved puzzle, but the lines below that are all x's.

Except, that the very bottom line contains 10 blues in the first column, with the rest of the line being x's.

I was wondering if you had filled in those 10 blues in the bottom row after the rest of the puzzle was lost, or if those somehow survived when the rest of the puzzle was lost.
#9: Gator (Gator) on Aug 3, 2009
I think maybe I need to be a little more clear then. :)

Chronologically now:

I partially completely the puzzle which included a large portion of the bottom of the puzzle past row 41. I saved the puzzle and left that screen.

When I loaded the puzzle back up later, everything below row 41 was blank.

I added the 10 blue cells on the bottom and saved it. I then commented in this thread on 7/31.

Given that you were able to see some of the bottom cells filled in from the saved game (from your comment on 8/1), I went back and loaded up the saved game and found that the bottom row was blank (my comments on 8/2). This led me to believe that the problem is on the restore and not the save. I saved the puzzle again without the 10 blue cells filled in on the bottom row.

Just now, I loaded the puzzle back up (bottom row was blank), I filled in 10 blue cells on the bottom row and saved the puzzle. I went back to the Home page, click on Saved Puzzles, click on 3673, clicked Load, and the bottom row was blank again.

#10: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 7, 2009
OK, so it looks like the problem is in the restore, not the save, and the problem is repeatable. That means I was looking in the wrong place for it, which explains why I didn't find it.
#11: brother john (bigcat) on Aug 28, 2009
And again, this only happens when I reload it in Firefox, it's all there when I use IE even if I've saved it in Firefox - so the problem is surely in the restore, not the save.
#12: Gator (Gator) on Sep 10, 2009
It seems like it will restore approximately the same number of cells on different puzzles also. On #3673 (a 99x99), I get 4056 cells restored (41 rows plus a partial one). On #6144 (a 60x95), I get 4029 cells restored (67 rows plus a partial one).

I will try to finish these out in IE for now.
#13: Cro-Magnon (Hermit) on Dec 2, 2009
I'm also experiencing some odd behaviour with Firefox (v3.5)

1) When restoring/reverting a puzzle, many of the greyed out clues are lost (that is, no longer greyed out).

2) Just like #5, 'h' and 'v' keys are also having issues. Same behaviour -- works fine in smaller puzzles, in larger puzzles it sometimes works.
#14: Gator (Gator) on Jan 4, 2010
Same thing I posted in topic #111 - try Chrome out.

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