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Topic #1061: Users tab
By Ed Donahue (edzoid)

#1: Ed Donahue (edzoid) on Apr 15, 2023

The 'Users' tab is not functioning properly. The first page lists the first 50 users, ranked by puzzles solved. Beyond that, it appears to be an alphabetical list of users, not a continuation of the rankings.
#2: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Apr 16, 2023
Yes, all pages that are generated via the NEXT PAGE link are not correct.

Additionally, as I ran thru all the various sorts, clicking on the NEXT PAGE after sorting by the login column gave this error:

Cache-Control: max-age=10 Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 ERROR: Bad SQL: SELECT user.username, user.fullname, user.nplayed, user.ncreated, user.bio_update_date, IFNULL(utmp.last_access, user.last_login) AS last FROM user LEFT JOIN utmp ON user.username = utmp.username ORDER BY LIMIT 50,51 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'LIMIT 50,51' at line 7Whoami: main::fail Whowasi: main::prepSQL

It seems that the NEXT PAGE with the default order is also giving that error.
#3: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Apr 21, 2023
I just found this - I'll add it to my To Do list. Thanks for the alert!
#4: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Apr 26, 2023
I've fixed it. Thanks again for letting me know!

(Gory details, though I'm not sure anybody is interested: The code for making usernames clickable was re-using the name of a variable that was also used for sorting the page. I added a line of code that keeps the two variables separate from each other. A very easy fix!)
#5: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Apr 27, 2023
gotta love unintended global variables

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