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Topic #1035: Deleted comments for four puzzles
By Valerie Mates (valerie)

#1: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Aug 9, 2020

To keep people posted: Joe emailed me to say that the comments were mostly missing from some puzzles. I've done some looking at the log files and the code. Comments were deleted from these four puzzles:

34349 - Époque des chevaliers
34351 - Elle tourne tres vite
34356 - Illumination 10
34357 - Illumination 11

Right now I need to go wrangle kids, and I have more work to do to figure out what happened, but I wanted to post right away, to keep people posted about what happened. It tentatively looks like someone used the "Delete" links from the sample Google Translate page that I posted, combined with my session ID, to delete these comments. Or possibly it was a search engine's crawler that did it. Anyway, I am fairly sure that I have shut down the ability to delete any more postings that way, but I have more work to do to figure out the details of what happened. I will post another update later.

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