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Topic #1029: Trouble publishing 33797
By Norma Dee (norm0908)

#1: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Apr 2, 2020

Strange things happening. After trying to publish this puzzle it would not appear as a published puzzle on my puzzle page. The comments show the times I tried to publish it. I decided to change it a little (I added a red strip down the sides) to see if that made a difference but it didn't seem to. When I loaded my puzzle from the Home page it showed the puzzle solved without the red lines and errors for all the lines.
#2: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Apr 2, 2020
Chrome is suddenly aggressively using its local cache. That means that when you request a page, it will show you that page as it was the last time you downloaded it rather than downloading it again.

This is good in general as it is reducing the unprecedented load on the internet, however it doesn't work so well for some of the pages here.

>>>>If a page is not reflecting any previous edits you have made, make sure you reload the page. (Use f5 or the circular arrow on your browser's bar.) If that doesn't help, then hit Ctrl-f5 or hold Ctrland click the reload button for a "hard reload".
#3: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Apr 2, 2020
Thanks. I will copy this and stick it up where I can see it.

I have run in to so many sites where they are trying to add new bells and whistles but in doing so they also add some bugs. I order groceries online from Safeway who tried to upgrade their site. The pictures got prettier but the bugs got worse and worse.

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