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Topic #1028: More problems with new puzzles
By Norma Dee (norm0908)

#1: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 11, 2020

The first puzzle finally saved, but it had lost the title and description but I was able to do an edit restore them. The second puzzle finally saved, but although I had solved it, my solution was gone. It finally saved it but in the comments it is showing the times I tried to save it. Maybe I should delete it and try again later.
#2: Brian Bellis (mootpoint) on Mar 12, 2020
I've had some problems like that. Usually involving the resizing of blotted puzzles.
#3: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Mar 12, 2020
I had some glitches recently, too. When I altered the title of a recent puzzle, I lost my description. Another that I saved and then edited, reverted back to an earlier save when I tried to publish.
#4: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Mar 20, 2020
Were there any error messages or other clues about what might have gone wrong? Is this still happening? Any info is helpful for figuring out what is causing this.
#5: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Mar 30, 2020
I have noticed that suddenly Chrome is aggressively using its local cache. So when I load a page I have already loaded, (e.g. a comment page that I have then added a comment to) the old version without my edit is shown. Reloading (F5) corrects this most of the time, but I have had to use Ctrl-F5 for a hard reload.

This is not such a problem for comments, but this has also cropped up when editing a puzzle after working on it. In one case, I made a puzzle, then tried to solve it, went back to the edit page and edited it, then resolved it. Then when I went back to the edit page to tweak it, chrome reloaded from the cache the original version instead of downloading the newer one.

I made the tweak I had in mind, saved it, and then found out that my earlier edits had disappeared due to it sending the data from the cached version plus my tweak.

TLDR: Every time you go back to edit your puzzle, MAKE SURE YOU RELOAD THE PAGE BEFORE YOU START EDITING.

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