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Topic #1: Welcome and Introductions
By Jan Wolter (jan)

#1: Jan Wolter (jan) on Oct 28, 2004


Welcome to my Web Paint-by-Number site. I hope it will bring you many hours of enjoyment.

After I first got the site up, I just told a couple friends about it, and counted on google to find me more users. It seems to be working, slowly but surely. Now I find myself growing a bit curious about who the users of this site are, so I thought I'd add a forum to the site so people can talk to each other a bit, if they like.

I should probably start by introducing myself....

#2: Jan Wolter (jan) on Oct 28, 2004
Hi, I'm Jan Wolter. I'm freelance programmer, specializing in Unix systems, and a father of two great kids, which why my domain name is unixpapa.com. Symmetrically, my partner, who does similar work and has the same kids, is unixmama.com. I'd say more about myself, but frankly, you can't find out just about everything there is to know by looking at my home page.

I created this site pretty much just for fun. Valerie does these puzzles in Games World of Puzzles a lot. I'd actually only done a few of them before creating this site, but I thought it would be an interesting programming puzzle to try to do it in Javascript.

My original idea was that users would enter puzzles, and solve each other's puzzles and I'd just be kind of along for the ride, but I found that to get the site off the ground I was going to need to enter a mess of puzzles myself. So now I've joined the probably very short list of people in the world who've created many more paint-by-number puzzles than I've solved. I frequently do these on a laptop while watching videos with the kids. Keeps me awake through the one-thousandthed viewing of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

I'm a little puzzled to find myself in the role of puzzle creator though. I'm really no sort of artist. Given a paper and crayon, I can just barely draw well enough so that the kids can tell if what I drew is supposed to be a pig or a dog. Luckily, I can fake it a bit here. I usually start by using Google's image search to find a picture close to what I want, and then do lots of trial and error clicking and fiddling to try to make them look better. And then more to try to make it solvable as a puzzle. Some of them never really make it, which is why there are gaps in the numbering of the puzzles.

#3: kellie veronica marquez (kelliem926) on Apr 19, 2006
These puzzles seem interesting. My daughter likes them, and they are great for kids with adhd. Now I am trying to figure this out for myself.
#4: Jan Wolter (jan) on Sep 3, 2006
I just want to post a thank you to the users of this site.

My hope in starting this was always to get something going that would be self-sustaining, without a huge amount of input from me. But for the last few years I've been trying to post a couple puzzles a week just to sustain the interest of regular users.

For the last couple months, however, I've had a lot of other demands on my time, so I've had to cut back on puzzle creating. The wonderful thing is that cool puzzles kept on getting posted anyway, many of them really terrific puzzles, some far better than even the best of mine. I love it! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Though I especially want to thank those who have posted great puzzles here (notably Marso, who was the first person other than myself to post a lot of puzzles and really helped establish this as a site where anyone is welcome to post), I'd also like to thank those people who make helpful and supportive comments in the puzzle discussions. Making puzzles is fun, but having quick, friendly, enthusiastic feedback makes it a lot more fun. I think the positive tone of the discussion forums has done a lot to encourage people to try their hand at creating their own puzzles. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

I'm hoping to get past my current time crunch in a couple weeks, and then I'd like to put some time into improving the programming on this site. I have lots of ideas for little improvements that I hope will make this site better, though I'm awfully happy with it as it stands.
#5: Mark Conger (aruba) on Sep 6, 2006
Well thank you, Jan, for creating such a great site!
#6: Jamie Jones (corycatelyn) on Sep 18, 2006
i just wanted to say that i absolutely love this site. i just recently started doing these puzzles, and it's great to go to place that has nothing but. i printed all the black and white ones out and did some of them. i'm still learning the ins and outs and ups and downs. thank you, thank you, thank you!
#7: Alaris Zaaqurin (Zephyr) on Jan 15, 2007
I've been using your site for several months now. I was using the random generator, but I was solving so many puzzles that I kept getting repeats. So I signed up for an account so I can keep track of what I've completed. There are so many to solve that I don't think I can catch up to what is being put out daily. I wanted to tell you that I really really appreciate your site. It is very easy to use and is very simple. I like that there can be different colors and I especially like the zoom feature. It's very nice to be able to see the numbers without straining my eyes.

Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site. It is the best number-paint site that I have found. I think that after I've solved a few more hundred that I will also start creating puzzles.
#8: Dee Webber (dulcimer) on Mar 21, 2007
Hi. I just joined today. I've been doing PBN puzzles for years, starting in Games Magazine. I've been a member on another PBN site for a few years now, & have completed all of the puzzles there, for the time being. The webmaster is slow in adding new puzzles, but I need my fix! This looks like the place to get it! Thanks!
#9: Jan Wolter (jan) on Mar 23, 2007
Welcome. Hope you have fun.

Creating new puzzles is pretty much up to the users here. I did nearly 200 puzzles to get things started, but am now mostly interested in improving the software.

We've kind of been having a slow month for new puzzles here too - only 8 new puzzles so far this month compared to 59 in January, but they do keep coming.
#10: Judy Arrieta (judyhaar) on Jul 4, 2007
Thanks so much for this site. I do these puzzles all the time, instead of working, of course. They are rather addictive. I'll probably create some when I retire. Until then, please keep them coming!
#11: Melody Waynick (Alexyka) on Jul 20, 2007
I've been doing these puzzles for years ^^ Thank you for a wonderful site.
#12: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Aug 15, 2007
I just found this sight the other day, and I really like the idea of working each others puzzles. It is very much like a writer's workshop in that there is feedback from others with the same interests. When you design a puzzle and try to solve it, it is harder to see the "guess points" or lack of logic because you're too close to the project -- you know what it's supposed to look like, right? Personally, I really don't like to get over 30x35. I lose count, my eyes get all confuzalled. But I'll send you bigger ones if that's what people like.
#13: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 16, 2007
Though there have certainly been many larger puzzles on the site, I personally enjoy smaller puzzles a lot. I think sometimes it's easiest to get a high quality rating with a really big puzzle, because it is so much easier to draw good looking images on that scale, but rest assured that lots of people, especially those of us who have made some puzzles ourselves, have a lot of respect for a well made smaller puzzle. That's much harder to do well.

If you like smaller puzzles, by all means make them. I really think people should make the puzzles they like.
#14: michael31415 (ml.qwerty) on Sep 16, 2007
I really like smaller puzzles too. But not when they're too easy.
#15: asobi (asobi) on Oct 30, 2007
I just found you...there was another place but I guess it is not active anymore. I had the opportunity to meet the creator of them several years ago.

Yours print very well for off-site solving

#16: Gypso (Gypso) on Oct 30, 2007
Hello asobi! And welcome to Webpbn. :)
I'm just about to start your new puzzle. Thanking you in advance. Looking forward to learning more about you too! ^>^
#17: asobi (asobi) on Oct 31, 2007
Thank you whew, I was beginning to think I was lost somewhere
#18: asobi (asobi) on Oct 31, 2007
I prefer the b/w ones. When I do the ones in color, I get too confused
#19: Gypso (Gypso) on Oct 31, 2007
I think that I missed you on chat yesterday (?) asobi. If you get lost on this site just ask for directions. ;-) Everyone here's pretty friendly. ^>^ Gypso
#20: asobi (asobi) on Nov 1, 2007
I think I will pick a topic number and only post there <G>
#21: Gypso (Gypso) on Nov 3, 2007
Excellent idea asobi
#22: asobi (asobi) on Nov 3, 2007
I finally found how to maneuver...search for my name...and "VIOLA"

I had to run out and get a new computer yesterday. The power supply went and I still have to transfer some data. Thank goodness for an extra hour tonight.
Now to find a reasonably priced 400 watt power box
#23: Gypso (Gypso) on Nov 3, 2007
asobi, may I ask why you need a 400 watt power box?
#24: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Nov 11, 2007
gettin' kinda personal there, aren't ya gypso?
#25: Gypso (Gypso) on Nov 12, 2007
I tried to be polite JC. Do you think I went too far? ;-)
#26: Scylla Kat (scyllacat) on Feb 22, 2008
I'm so glad you did this. I've been doing these in Games World of Puzzles for years.

Of course, I'm a complete addict, and my chiropractor and optometrist want to speak to you now....
#27: Gypso (Gypso) on Feb 22, 2008
Hello Scylla Kat. What name to you go by? And where do you hail from?
Glad to see you here. Welcome! :)
#28: Nancy Snyder (naneki) on Feb 22, 2008
welcome Scylla Kat, nice to add another addict to our circle..
we don't have a 10 step program tho'(don't want to go there)
#29: Arduinna (arduinna) on Feb 23, 2008
Yes, Scylla Kat, we're nosy. Did you notice all the nosy discussion topics, like where you're from? Don't worry. We're not dangerous or anything. ;)
#30: Ellen Ritchie (emritchie) on Apr 6, 2008
Hello, My name is Ellen Ritchie. I am a huge puzzle addict. I had seen this type of puzzle before, but not a website. I found this one a short while ago and I love it. My husband is not as thrilled. Another addiction! I do not usually post on chat pages, but I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying these puzzles. I do find that the site runs slow. Is there something I can do to speed it up? I have a cable modem. Thanks, Ellen
#31: Nancy Snyder (naneki) on Apr 6, 2008
Hi & welcome to our little family. You've come to the right place "We're ALL puzzle addicts here"
The site is going through some kind of problem right now, so it will get better :)
#32: Jan Wolter (jan) on Apr 6, 2008
I think there are two layers to the slowness problem. The hosting service is having some problems with the server, and is attempting to repair it. But even repaired, the server is not quite up to the demands of this site. I can't really talk to them about an upgrade right now because they are so obsessed with their technical problem that they can't think clearly about anything else. But I think we'll be able to work things out in a while. Frankly, I'm not too happy with the service provider, but I've moved the site twice already and want to try harder to work things out in the current location before abandoning all hope and moving again.
#33: Nora Jean Miller (normaljeans) on Jun 1, 2008
What is the difference between a white square and a dotted square? Can you put a white in instead of a square and finish the puzzle. I'm new here and I'm still trying to figure stuff out. Thanks!!
#34: Jen (lightvader) on Jun 1, 2008
A dotted square is one that is supposed to be blank, while a white one is one that you haven't decided yet.

If you finish a puzzle without any dotted squares and hit save, it will fill all the dotted squares.
#35: Sean O'Brien (bobbysue) on Jul 28, 2008
Hello, I'm Sean O'Brien. I'm a 20 year old mechanical engineering student who likes these puzzles, chess, backpacking, rockclimbing, and unicycling, among other things. This site is just ridiculously awesome.
#36: Arduinna (arduinna) on Jul 28, 2008
Unicycling? Fun! Thanks for sharing!
#37: Nancy Snyder (naneki) on Jul 28, 2008
Hello & thanks for introducing yourself, we are very glad to have you here :)
#38: Gypso (Gypso) on Aug 22, 2008
Hello Sean! It's nice to have you here. Welcome :-)
#39: Evelyn Graham (Evelyn) on Sep 24, 2008
Hi, I'm new to these puzzles. Can you some please let me know what the difference colours mean when the error enabler is on. For example, I suspect that the solid red circle means that entry is incorrect. If a row or column has been solved, is there a colour indicator? What does, the green diamond indicates and so on...Thanks.
#40: Jan Wolter (jan) on Sep 24, 2008
There is a green circle that just indicates the current position of your mouse. A red ball appears when what you have filled in in that row or column is in contradiction to the clues for that row or column.

If you completely fill in a row or column, it will turn the background behind hte clue number gray. You an also mark individual clue numbers as being satisfied by clicking on them.
#41: Teresa K (fasstar) on Nov 22, 2008
Hello! What a nice family of puzzlers you have here. The social interaction adds another fun dimension to puzzle solving.

I am the mother of three grown children, and am the director of an agency that provides training and consultation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Visit www.fasstar.com to learn more about that.

I was already addicted to solving these, and now I am becoming addicted to creating them too. Oh my! Thanks so much for writing the program to work and solve the puzzles.
#42: Matt Coulter (mcoulter) on Jul 3, 2009
Doesn't look like anyone's posted here for awhile, but I'll introduce myself anyways. I'm a 30 year old from Wyoming and I started doing these puzzles in junior high when I got a game called "Mario's Picross" for my old-school Gameboy. I immediately fell in love and looked for that game again ever since I lost it some years later. I was amazed when I stumbled upon WebPBN about a month ago. This is easily the coolest site on the internet. :) My goal right now is to try and catch up on the puzzles - done around 700 of them so far - and then try my hand at creating a few. Thanks, Jan, for all your time and effort it's obvious you've been pouring into this site!
#43: Wombat (wombatilim) on Jul 29, 2009
I first encountered this sort of puzzle when I was a kid, late 80s or early 90s. I had some kind of computer program for them, finished all the puzzles the program had, and then forgot they existed for a really long time, until I came across one in a magazine and thought, "Oh yeah, I remember those!"

From there I went on a nonogram-finding frenzy, and found this site to be the best of the interfaces in my search. I've become re-addicted to the things, and have recently turned a few other people on to them as well.
#44: Robyn Broyles (ginkgo100) on Sep 17, 2009
Hey Gator, could you email me? My email address is my webpbn username at gmail.com. Thanks!
#45: Cro-Magnon (Hermit) on Nov 12, 2009
Hello, my name is 'Hermit' and I'm a nonogram-holic. It's been 4 seconds since I last did a puzzle.

I've completed about 700 so far and I really enjoy this site. A huge thank-you to Jan for creating this site, and to all the great puzzle creators.

Ok, I'm jonesin' bad, must ... do .... another .... puzzle...
#46: Teresa K (fasstar) on Nov 13, 2009
#47: Linda Martin (ilovethispuzzle123) on Feb 14, 2010
Hi everyone. My name is Linda. I'm 48 years old and I'm from Colorado Springs. I'm a complete and total puzzle freak. I first found these in "Games" magazine and was immediately hooked. I started doing puzzles in elementary school. Started playing Mastermind and doing logic problems and crossword puzzles in Jr. High. My favorite puzzles and games are Web Paint by Numbers, crossword puzzles, logic problems, Solicross, Scrabble, Sudoku, Text Twist, and Go. I am so happy to have found this game online. Thank you so much for creating this site.
#48: susan doe (sudoe) on May 14, 2010
Hi everyone- or should I say "y'all" since I've lived in Texas for about 40 years- pretty much my adult life. It is starting to warm up for summer and I expect to feed my addiction to these puzzles while I avoid the summer heat. Thanks to all of you who have made puzzles and especially to Jan for creating and hosting a wonderful site!
#49: Alicia (prinny) on Jun 16, 2010
I'm new to this site but a long time addict of this puzzle. I've been looking everywhere for a place like this. Why I barely found it, I will never know.. but thanks Jan..

As for me, I'm recently a stay-at-home mom after 15 years of overnight shifts. I have 5 kids that drive me up a wall most times so I need an outlet like this to prevent going gray in my early 30s. :)
#50: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jun 26, 2010
this is a great site, Jan...thanks
#51: Shirlej Martin (Shirlej) on Feb 26, 2011
Hello to all... I found this site about a week or two ago!!! Just noticed there is a forum!!! Well, I just love paint by numbers and think Jan had a Lovely Idea.... I wont chat too much because i'm really craving for my addiction!!!! Puzzzlllleeesss!!! So gonna go have so fun... Hope we all do!!! Hugs and Kisses from Italy :-)
#52: Hannah Johns (Nini721) on Jun 26, 2011
Hi! This is yet another member of the Johns family that has found this site. We've basically invaded! We're all kids - age range from 8 to late teens... :) We love this site; one of us in particular has become virtually addicted. (Hem hem, Lilly!) Anyways, thanks for all the warm welcomes - you guys are great, everybody has been so nice to us newcomers. :)
#53: NiGHTS (NiGHTS) on Jun 30, 2011
Teresa K. requested my introduction on this thread, so i'm following through with it.

I found this site by accident, and instantly became fascinated by what I like to call the "2D rubix cube" which can be performed on paper and colored pencils. A game of image decryption, using real decryption concepts. Logic at its finest! Those who enjoy this fascinating game are undoubtedly training deep synapses of their brains.

As for myself, I don't like to talk much about myself. I'd consider myself a puzzle: not of a piece of one, nor a quality photo, nor even an canvas with/without art. I don't set goals for myself and I don't seek them, but as if summoned by a hidden force, the goals invade my world and pull me in all directions in the middle of the night, keeping me awake with their howling requests for world peace, energy solutions, hunger crisis, medical research... Listen goals, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm doing everything I can to put you all to rest. Life is limited and fragile, but it seems that the greatest goals of the world seek me in the NiGHTS. I believe that sums me up pretty nicely.
#54: Tom King (sgusa) on Jul 16, 2011
Games magazine devotee, and found your site about a year ago. Still a neophyte at edge logic. I assume smile and frown logic are "guessing" but probably am wrong. Thanks for creating it. I run an internet retail sales business.
#55: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Jul 16, 2011
Hi, Tom. See http://webpbn.com/index.cgi?page=solving.html for a good explanation of advanced solving techniques.
#56: Tom King (sgusa) on Jul 16, 2011
Thanks, Joe. Just did "Someplace Warm." I had to save it a couple of times, and slide the edge. I'll get better ;-) Don't know about writing one...
#57: Tom King (sgusa) on Jul 16, 2011
Funny. There were a bunch I'd skip as too hard (your's for instance), most I'd solve, and some would be too hard sometimes, and about right others (Tom O'Connell's). That kind of inspired me to actually learn this.
#58: Wesley Snyder (wsnyder98) on Jul 17, 2011
You know who makes some great quality puzzles? That guy, wsnyder98. Man, his are awesome. lol
#59: Tom King (sgusa) on Jul 17, 2011
LOL. I am only doing B&W...for now. If yours are there, I'll get to them. Roughly 6000 of those to go.
#60: Tom King (sgusa) on Jul 19, 2011
Getting IT now
#61: Nancy (nbarsi) on Nov 8, 2011
Keeping an active responsive mind is a "necessary evil" as you age. Thank you ALL for taxing me with your wickedly evil puzzles. Shamefully I admit to peeking on occasions, saving me from yanking every hair from the top of my head. I love this site!
#62: Teresa K (fasstar) on Nov 8, 2011
Welcome, Nancy. We are all aging (but the young ones don't think about that much) and some of us have more experience in that area than others. :-D There are lots of us here on this site. Sometimes the conversations are as fun as the puzzles.

I hope you find some of the other "get to know you" topics here.
#63: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Nov 8, 2011
Nancy...i can be evil :-)
#64: Nancy (nbarsi) on Nov 9, 2011
Thank-you Teresa Your Latin Lesson was the second puzzle I worked on. They are really good.

Tom I have not had the honor of finding one of your evil puzzles yet.
#65: Tom King (sgusa) on Nov 15, 2011
I don't know how you creators do it. I finally tried... I had a great image, and it degraded immediately as I used the checker. Then, the first comment was a guess..Rats. I fixed it. I do like 20x20 black and white.
#66: Dave Oas (khpdave) on Oct 20, 2012
Like many of you, I am a GAMES Magazine devotee. With each new issue I check out the Paint By Numbers puzzles first with anticipation (and am disappointed if they have Paint By Pairs instead).

Thank you Jan for creating this site! - I'm sure I'll be hanging around here quite a bit.
#67: Tom King (sgusa) on Oct 21, 2012
Welcome, Dave! Nice puzzles you have been creating. Thank you. Tom
#68: Susan Greenfield (calab) on Jun 22, 2013
I've been using the site for a couple of months now and I have to thank you for the many hours of enjoyment I've had. Keep up the good work.

Susan Greenfield (CALAB)
#69: patricia dawn merling (pmerling) on Jan 15, 2014
hi my is patricia merling i go by my middlename dawn im 36 and ihave had adhd since i was a child i like to say these type of games are great for people like me they help a lot with patience and learning to problem solve. i found these type of games on hp games i reaaly love these games my boyfriend found yhis website and joined me it really fun im also in college at allegany in maryland thank you for starting this site i will be here a lot
#70: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jan 15, 2014
welcome friend, dawn
#71: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Jan 15, 2014
Welcome Dawn. I am sure you will always be happy you found us!
#72: Ellen Gardner (Belita) on Feb 21, 2014
I stumbled onto this website, and I'm so glad I did. I made up some of these puzzles for the fun of it awhile back, so now I have people I can share them with. My only suggestion is that it is not recommended that real names are used on open websites. Could you change to just user names?
#73: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Feb 22, 2014
Belita, you can click on the "Settings" button on the left bar and then change your "Full Name" to whatever you want. (As you can see, my Full Name is not my full name.) Check the box under it to change all the references to your old Full Name (like in comment #72).
#74: Jan Wolter (jan) on May 15, 2014
I personally prefer to use real names on web sites, but people's tastes and situations vary. For some people it may be extremely inadvisable, for others merely uncomfortable. Please use whatever name maximizes your personal comfort.
#75: Tom King (sgusa) on Jun 6, 2014
Reread this thread tonight. Guess that I have come a long way...
#76: Pam Tucker (grammypam) on Aug 23, 2022
I just discovered your website this year and love it! I've been hooked on puzzles for years, then found PBN's in Games magazine years ago...so when I stumbled on your site, I was in heaven!

Love the variety, complexity and challenge. Great place to land.
#77: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Aug 24, 2022
Hi Pam! Welcome!!

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