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Comments on Puzzle #4121: Advent 2
By Meg Tayler (rebelcat)

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#1: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Dec 2, 2008

2nd one, second awsome advent puzzle

its going to be one great month of december. Thank you Meg

BTW any WC coming from you ????
#2: Meg Tayler (rebelcat) on Dec 2, 2008
Er... no WCs this year, anyway. I've got more than enough on my plate with the Advent puzzles. Maybe next year!

I'm glad you enjoyed the second advent puzzle!
#3: Beth (Shasta) on Dec 2, 2008
Beautiful again! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
#4: Bionerd (nieboo) on Dec 2, 2008
Very lovely!
#5: Johanna smith (micki) on Dec 2, 2008
Thank-you for a second time!! And to think there are so many more to come! How lucky for us!
#6: Minnie Fuerstnau (m.fuerstnau) on Dec 2, 2008
I think I will thank you in advance for all of the forthcoming Advent puzzles!
#7: Tonia Bergh (tonia) on Dec 2, 2008
Very, very pretty - and just the right amount of challenge!
#8: Jota (Jota) on Dec 6, 2008
I completed the second, It's a very pretty plant, my favorite this time of the year.
#9: Arduinna (arduinna) on Dec 6, 2008
Fantastic! I love your work Meg!
#10: Mary Thomas (marleethom) on Dec 10, 2008
Great puzzle and picture. Not too hard or too easy.
#11: Synthia McBride (synthia) on Dec 14, 2008
#12: Dianne Hamilton (dlh46) on Mar 9, 2011
Love this one!
#13: GabrielMyCat (gabrielmycat) on Jun 23, 2011
fun and pretty!
#14: Linda Martin (ilovethispuzzle123) on Dec 25, 2013
just beautiful, and the border makes it pop!
#15: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Dec 26, 2013
Thank you Linda for pointing out this series for me. My Christmas present to myself is the time to solve all of them! If you are still looking Meg - these are great!
#16: CB Paul (cbpaul) on Nov 11, 2017
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.
#17: BlackCat (BlackCat) on Nov 11, 2017
Very pretty and very doable.
#18: Ki Bitzar (kibitzar) on Apr 18, 2020
This was such a beautiful series! Thank you for creating it!
#19: Julio Parra (Julio Parra) on Nov 21, 2020
Muy bonita imagen.

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