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Comments on Puzzle #38634: WCP 187 not a bad spot, just a bad habit.
By Alicia Snyder (prinny)

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Puzzle Description:

So I was a mischievous teenager and on a camping trip w/ my family. I thought I was getting away w/ having a smoke before going to bed by sitting close to the campfire on the one side of the hill at the lake while my Dad was night fishing and smoking on the other side of the lake.. but I got bit by something and yelled out "oh S**t!" and my Dad recognized the voice.. he smelled what I was smoking so he knew I was up to no good. I got in big trouble and couldn't enjoy the rest of the camping trip w/ my family. I had to sit in the car and wait to go home :( Oh and he took all my smokes. Big sad. (Don't worry, I'm not a smoker anymore.)

#1: Jota (jota) on May 15, 2024

About how old were you?
#2: Alicia Snyder (prinny) on May 15, 2024
13 or 14 probably
#3: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on May 15, 2024 [SPOILER]
Funny picture, funny-in-retrospect story (I'm sure you were pretty grumpy at the time).

I'm super proud of you, for quitting ^_^
#4: Alicia Snyder (prinny) on May 15, 2024
Thank you Kristen.. been smoke free for almost a dozen years now :)
#5: Philip (Philip) on May 15, 2024
Funny story, and well illustrated!
#6: Belita (belita) on May 16, 2024
Dad could have stood to lead by example.
#7: Koreen (mom24plus) on May 20, 2024 [SPOILER]
I'm still gonna label that good parenting. When he started smoking it was more than likely the societal norm for him.

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