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Comments on Puzzle #38476: WCP #183 S11E16
By Alicia Snyder (prinny)

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#1: Jota (jota) on Apr 12, 2024

#2: Spot (Pspaughtamus) on Apr 12, 2024
I had it half way completed when I realized what it was, and what it could only refer to, and now I'm all teared up.

Side note: How do we find the WCP prompts? I've solved a couple and I have an idea for one that meets what I think the prompt is.
#3: Alicia Snyder (prinny) on Apr 12, 2024
Hey Spot.. its in Discussion Thread #112: creator weekly challenge. if you comment on it, then you can find it under Forums using dropdown for New Replies to My Postings.
#4: Belita (belita) on Apr 12, 2024
You can also look in the Honors page for the latest WCP.
#5: Alicia Snyder (prinny) on Apr 12, 2024
yes thanks Belita!
#6: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Apr 12, 2024
i've been watching M*A*S*H* reruns lately :)
#7: Spot (Pspaughtamus) on Apr 13, 2024
Thank you, Prinny and Belita!

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