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Comments on Puzzle #38248: Rock song lyric (h/t SGUSA)
By Andrew Schultz (blurglecruncheon)

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#1: Web Paint-By-Number Robot (webpbn) on Feb 12, 2024

Found to have a unique solution by blurglecruncheon.
#2: Web Paint-By-Number Robot (webpbn) on Feb 12, 2024
Found to be solvable by line and color logic alone by blurglecruncheon.
#3: Andrew Schultz (blurglecruncheon) on Feb 12, 2024
Winner receives the usual prize for these things, but the nothing I have to offer has several years more of technological developmentso it's 200% more valuable, or something!
#4: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Feb 12, 2024 [SPOILER]
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#5: Jota (jota) on Feb 12, 2024
#6: Andrew Schultz (blurglecruncheon) on Feb 13, 2024
Nice job David! You win ... the satisfaction of winning!
#7: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Feb 13, 2024
Well, that's better than a whack on the nose with a rusty poker!
#8: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Feb 14, 2024 [SPOILER]
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#9: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Feb 14, 2024
that's just wrong. it's wrong anyway. but when an entire city rallies around a cause, a team. as illy as a sports team sounds in the big scheme of things. everything is so divided today. and you get 99% of everyone happy and they even let the kid's schools off so they could go to the parade and remember the day forever. but now they remember it for a diff reason. it's abhorrent. there are lots of atrocities that go on every day. but if Mr Bouldin's Rangers won the World Series, as they did...and a shooter does that, when your whole city is coming together. what the f is going on?
#10: Andrew Schultz (blurglecruncheon) on Feb 15, 2024
Kurt, I can't blame you. I'm neutral about the Super Bowl, but what strikes me is how people who hate the Chiefs almost certainly were horrified, and then there are the twitter trolls saying "shut up, it's not guns' fault."

I'd hate to think that would've happened at the Cubs' victory celebration in 2016, and I'd be horrified if this happened where even one person was shot at a victory parade for teams I loathe, or for archrivals, even for teams and fanbases people deride as arrogant. We all know what's important.

(Note: yes, this is a tangent, but it's been on Kurt's mind, and it's been on my mind too. WebPBN might not be the best place to say it, but it needs to be said and, well, I'd like to give support. Just as, a sports parade may not be logically the best tipping point for sensible gun laws, given other mass shootings, but it may finally hit people in the gut. This is all I have to say, but Valerie, let me know if I already crossed a line expounding. It seemed important.)
#11: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Feb 16, 2024
Andrew: What you said is fine (and anyway I think everyone from every political category is horrified by senseless shootings). Lately I've been thinking about the question of political discussions on the site, and think the topic could use more discussion. I'll go post a topic to ask people to talk about it.

...Okay, I entered topic 1068 to ask people's thoughts. Here's a link:
#12: Julio Parra (Julio Parra) on Feb 17, 2024
Muy bonita imagen y soluble lógicamente con línea y color

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