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Comments on Puzzle #36846: Smaller (Maybe Easier?) Version of Recent Movie (One of My All-time Favorites!)

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Puzzle Description:

With Woody Harrelson....who I promise never again to confuse with David Caruso....!

#1: Wombat (wombatilim) on May 25, 2023 [HINT]

Initial line & color logic completes 60% with only black remaining.

C12: If the 6 goes into R25, it makes C13 invalid, so R25C12 is white. Minimal LL.

C29: EL marks R12, R22-24, and R35 white.

C13: If black is placed in R24, R18C14, R24C14, and R26C14 are all black, which makes C14 invalid. Therefore R24C13 is white. LL.

C13: EL marks R25 and R35 white.

Stuck here for now, currently at 62%
#2: Wombat (wombatilim) on May 25, 2023
If I can offer some feedback, making a puzzle smaller isn't necessarily going to make it easier. The primary difficulties with this one and its companion are the thin black lines, particularly the ones that are away from the red. Adding another color or making the lines thicker might make it easier to solve.
#3: derby (Derby) on Jun 6, 2023
Maybe a touch easier.

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