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Comments on Puzzle #35355: American Idiom 51
By Brian Bellis (mootpoint)

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#1: CB Paul (cbpaul) on Sep 12, 2021

#35355 claims to be the second Idiom 50. Just FYI.
Glad you're having fun with these.
#2: Brian Bellis (mootpoint) on Sep 12, 2021
Sometimes I lose track of which number in a series I'm on. This series was started quite some time ago but just picked it back up recently when my spouse found the Dictionary of Idiom from one of those scholastic book fares when our kids were young.

This idiom is about the handles on drink pitchers that look like ears but is actually refering to children who may understand more about an adult conversation than the adults my wish. I had heard the expression in an old song but never knew.
#3: Brian Bellis (mootpoint) on Sep 12, 2021
John Prine singing Sam Stone

#4: Aurelian Ginkgo (AurelianGinkgo) on Sep 13, 2021
Glad this one came with an explanation. I have never heard it before.
#5: Jota (jota) on Sep 13, 2021
And another one learned! Love the image/solve!
#6: CB Paul (cbpaul) on Sep 13, 2021
Brian, thanks for the link. A few of us might be old enough to remember the Viet Nam era.
#7: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Sep 14, 2021
nifty :)

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