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Comments on Puzzle #34578: Periodic Table #3
By Allie Blake (Lil' Squish)

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Puzzle Description:

Lithium! Pictures are a pill capsule on the left, and a battery on the right!

#1: Gator (gator) on Oct 16, 2020

I like the series.

Nice puzzle (I was actually disappointed that there was not Smile Logic at the end.)
#2: Bill Eisenmann (Bullet) on Oct 16, 2020
Funny, Gator!
#3: Brian Bellis (mootpoint) on Oct 16, 2020 [SPOILER]
For the symbol, the second letter should be lowercase. I like the square electron orbitals. As the atomic number grows, you will have to devote more right corner space to the electron configuration.
#4: Steve (stevieb) on Oct 17, 2020
I'm slightly concerned we're already at 30x30 and this is only Element 3 :D
#5: Kathy Roth (clyde) on Oct 17, 2020
This is getting good! Looking forward to the next one.
#6: Jota (jota) on Oct 17, 2020
#7: Donna McFarland (Baby Jade) on Oct 17, 2020
Like the change in smiley face.
#8: BlackCat (BlackCat) on Oct 18, 2020
Fun solve. Enjoyed the different face.

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