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Comments on Puzzle #34477: Working QR code (inspired by SeanBlend)
By Adam (adds3000)

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#1: Claudia (clau_bolson) on Sep 15, 2020

#2: Meira Bracha (mbracha) on Sep 15, 2020
WOrked for me!
#3: Mike B (mikey_b) on Sep 15, 2020
Well done!
#4: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Sep 16, 2020
Fun solve whether it works or not.
#5: BlackCat (BlackCat) on Sep 16, 2020
Great job.
#6: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Sep 17, 2020
Hey cool -- it really worked! I scanned it with my camera and ended up at the front page of webpbn!
#7: Stephanie Barclay (callmeseverus) on Sep 18, 2020
I was wondering where it was going to take me!

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