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Comments on Puzzle #33771: Quarantine Dinner
By Teresa K (fasstar)

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#1: Velma Warren (Shiro) on Mar 25, 2020

Great idea. Fun puzzle. Clear image.
#2: Bill Eisenmann (Bullet) on Mar 25, 2020 [SPOILER]
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#3: Carol Brand (KarylAnn) on Mar 25, 2020
Sounds yummy!
#4: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 25, 2020
I'm not having very good luck in the food department. After endless tries (I don't have a car) to order on line I finally reserved pickup time at Walmart. I had to stay up until midnight and at the stroke of midnight I quickly clicked on reserve a pickup time. I pounced and then finalized my order which I had ready in case I got a time. My daughter paid a friend who is an Uber driver to pick it up. I got a fair sized order but very lacking in the meat category. Looks like we are going to be vegetarians a good part of the time. At least it's food. I got some fancy hot dogs but buns went out of stock.
#5: Brenda Barnes Jamieson (bbj) on Mar 25, 2020
I'm coming over. Promise I'll stay six feet away . . .
#6: Gaynor Sorrell (gesorrell) on Mar 25, 2020
Fun puzzle. I thought it was going to be one of those Instant Pots that everyone has now (not me). We are reasonably well supplied with foodstuffs, but will soon run low on toilet paper. Wish I'd run out and bought some, like everyone else!
#7: jewel crown (jewel) on Mar 26, 2020
This is an uncertain time, but it's nice to have webpbn to enjoy puzzling and connect with the people.

Your dinner sounds delicious Teresa. Thanks.
#8: Kathy Cain (kathycain) on Mar 27, 2020
Thanks for all the ideas, everybody!
#9: Nancy Anthony (nancya) on Mar 27, 2020
Going to have to go to our local market tomorrow. They have reserved 7-9 am for seniors or people with serious conditions. A person stands outside the door and passes out gloves, the cart have been sterilized, and things have been restocked as best they can. The paper items are kept in the back and you have to ask if you need them. Also, there is a limit of 2 items of any one thing. I am blessed to live in a small town. It's 25 miles to the nearest national brand store.
#10: Teresa K (fasstar) on Mar 27, 2020
Thanks, everyone. It looks like we are all getting by the best we can. Nancy, your store is doing a great job, I wish my local store would do that.
#11: Carol Brand (KarylAnn) on Mar 29, 2020
That does sounds like a great idea Nancy.

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