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Comments on Puzzle #32866: The Angel of Death
By sanane samanye (maceraseven)

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#1: Bill Eisenmann (Bullet) on Oct 8, 2019

Terrific image!
#2: CB Paul (cbpaul) on Oct 8, 2019
#3: Jota (jota) on Oct 8, 2019
#4: besmirched tea (Besmirched Tea) on Oct 8, 2019 [HINT]
Ironically, requires smile logic at the end.
#5: Mike Ross (Mikey223) on Oct 9, 2019
That was so much fun to solve. Really captured that look.
Thanks for yet another great puzzle!
#6: sanane samanye (maceraseven) on Oct 9, 2019
Thank you all.
#7: Andrew Schultz (blurglecruncheon) on Oct 9, 2019 [SPOILER]
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#8: Marie-Louise Ambrey (Tazzy) on Oct 10, 2019
Awesome image, love that film!
#9: Lauren B (lblair) on Oct 15, 2019
Nice image...

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