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Comments on Puzzle #32360: Luck of the Irish
By Amy Potter (amy.potter)

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#1: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Apr 14, 2019

nice couple of minis....

When I was a kid, my busha(grandma) would walk up to a clover patch and find a four-leaf clover within a minute or 2 every time...She'd press it in a book and give it to one of us grandkids when we left that day. it wasn't til much later that I figured out how she did it....

As it turns out, they aren't as uncommon as you might think. 1 in 10,000. sounds like bad odds, but that really means that every couple of patches has one. In fact, one lady found 21 in her yard in a single day. The trick is pattern recognition. Don't sit there and count leaves... Instead, notice that there is a white collar on the leaves. So when you look at the collar, the 3-leaf variety will look like a white triangle. Ie, the 4-leafers will have a white square shape. You're looking for the square in a sea of triangles....
#2: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Apr 14, 2019
The puzz looks kinda like a budded cross, or some variation there-of
#3: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Apr 14, 2019
double post, sorry. Easter's a weeks away, so maybe that's why "cross" is on the brain
#4: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Apr 15, 2019
In my younger years, I found a patch of clover in my yard that have dozens of 4-leaf clovers. There must have been a local mutation in that patch. I also found some 5- and 6-leaf clovers.
#5: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Apr 15, 2019
I think maybe you're just insanely lucky, K...powerball is your friend. ;)

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