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Comments on Puzzle #31071: Polish Almondbread 2
By sanane samanye (maceraseven)

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#1: Bill Eisenmann (Bullet) on Apr 12, 2018

As usual I love your puzzles and resulting striking images. This one raises 2 questions: why the title, and how to calculate?
#2: besmirched tea (Besmirched Tea) on Apr 14, 2018
I also don't understand the titles, but they are making me hungry!
#3: Gaynor Sorrell (gesorrell) on Apr 15, 2018
This may help the confused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES-yKOYaXq0

(a fun solve, by the way)
#4: Gaynor Sorrell (gesorrell) on Apr 15, 2018
#5: sanane samanye (maceraseven) on Apr 16, 2018
Gaynor found it. Mandelbrot<is<>ist>Almondbread.
The calculation works like this. Count the number of pixels in L shaped white spaces. In the first second the object travels 1 unit. In the second second the object travels 3 unit. The 3,5,7 and so on.

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