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Comments on Puzzle #30713: Maze
By Rebecca Kline (sportslawlover)

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#1: Web Paint-By-Number Robot (webpbn) on Jan 11, 2018

New version published by sportslawlover.
#2: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Jan 11, 2018
I wonder if anyone is actually going to try and solve it. Even if I wanted to (which I don't) it wouldn't fit on my screen. I'm sure this took a lot of work, but it's just not my idea of what a pbn puzzle should be.
#3: Rebecca Kline (sportslawlover) on Jan 11, 2018
Thank you, Norma Dee for taking the time to write your comment. I appreciate it.
#4: Florence Mayes (pixely1) on Jan 14, 2018
I love these big puzzles and I love mazes. I was working it for a while, but then it stopped wanting to load. I am hoping it will work on a newer, better computer. Thanks for making it :-)
#5: Bill Eisenmann (Bullet) on Jan 15, 2018
Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to construct this puzzle!
#6: Rebecca Kline (sportslawlover) on Jan 15, 2018
Bill, It maybe took me about an hour to an hour and a half, but I did it on down time at work, so it wasn't too bad.

Thank you, Florence. I hope you enjoy it.
#7: Rebecca Kline (sportslawlover) on Jan 15, 2018
#8: Florence Mayes (pixely1) on Jan 24, 2018 [SPOILER]
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#9: Rebecca Kline (sportslawlover) on Jan 26, 2018
I am glad you enjoyed it, Florence! sorry the lower left was annoying.

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