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Comments on Puzzle #30684: It's not contagious
By Ali Sunrae (sunrae)

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#1: Lollipop (lollipop) on Jan 8, 2018

Absolutely wonderful! A nice challenge with a fabulous image to make the effort worthwhile, along with such a clever title. Great start to my day. Thank you, Ali.
#2: Aurelian Ginkgo (AurelianGinkgo) on Jan 8, 2018 [SPOILER]
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#3: Evelyn D (Mistraluna) on Jan 8, 2018
but you might be able to catch it...
#4: Lisa D (dvorli) on Jan 8, 2018 [SPOILER]
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#5: Ali Sunrae (sunrae) on Jan 8, 2018 [SPOILER]
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#6: Al LaPointe (kancamagus) on Jan 9, 2018
Great solve! Took me a long time with my monitor. I should have put it on the big screen TV :)
#7: Aurelian Ginkgo (AurelianGinkgo) on Jan 9, 2018
Ah, thank you Ali and Lisa for explaining. I've never heard that myth before.
#8: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Jan 9, 2018
#9: Al LaPointe (kancamagus) on Jan 9, 2018
This puzzle was so nice, I just did a search for Ali's puzzles. The bulk of them are 4+ stars - good work! I'm looking forward to going back and doing the ones that I haven't done before. I'm usually a 30x30 and below person, but these are really nice. :)
#10: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Jan 9, 2018
Sometimes I could kick myself. I know from previous experience you can't trust the check button. It will tell you your puzzle is fine so you just go on believing it, then when you decide to check again, you think your puzzle is OK except for the last few squares or so, so you click to find you error(s) and bang! it deletes all but a few squares. And of course like an idiot I forgot to save so lost most of my hard work as this puzzle was taking quite a bit of time. It's a wonderful image, but right now I'm too frustrated to solve it again.
#11: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Jan 9, 2018
#12: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Jan 10, 2018
With large puzzles, once I get to the fiddly bits, as soon as I'm able to place a new square, I save it. Find another square, check the solution, save the puzzle. That way, it's less painful when I have to revert.
#13: Ali Sunrae (sunrae) on Jan 10, 2018
Ugh! I'm sorry that happened, Norma! I've had that happen quite a few times. I think it's because it's taking you back to the FIRST error, even if you fixed that error later so that it was no longer wrong. I keep saving mine now, like Kristen. I don't tell it to take me back to the first mistake anymore, either. I just undo a handful at a time until it stops telling me I've got an error.
#14: Ali Sunrae (sunrae) on Jan 10, 2018
Thanks for such a huge compliment, Al LaPointe! I really love the process of making the puzzles, so it's a nice feeling to have them appreciated by others.

I try to make the type of puzzle that I love best - black and white, visible without moving the screen, length and width in even 5's, no full white rows, rewarding image, and solvable by line logic or minimal to moderate look-ahead.
#15: Aurelian Ginkgo (AurelianGinkgo) on Jan 11, 2018
I second #'s 13 and 14. Well said, Ali.
#16: Gator (gator) on Jan 11, 2018
Great puzzle Ali. This was very fun to solve.
#17: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Jan 12, 2018
That's my kind of puzzle too Ali and this one is a great example. Although I do like the rest of the puzzles too
#18: derby (Derby) on Jan 14, 2018
Loved It! Thank you. Great puzzle.
#19: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jan 19, 2018
Wow! Fantastic puzzle, Ali. I am definitely a fan of your puzzles. This one was great fun to solve. I didn't see the image until close to the end, when it JUMPED out at me. Yes, it did! (✬‿✬)
#20: Ali Sunrae (sunrae) on Jan 19, 2018
Thank you!
#21: Ali Sunrae (sunrae) on Jan 19, 2018
Thank you! (edit: oops, that posted twice!)

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