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Comments on Puzzle #30459: Hominid 1
By Brian Bellis (mootpoint)

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#1: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Nov 1, 2017

Had to look it up. Now that I know what it is I can see it. Plain as day. Nice.
#2: Dik Hz (dikhz) on Nov 1, 2017
Nice use of negative space and detail for such a tiny puzzle.
#3: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Nov 2, 2017
I love it!
#4: Kim (kjh) on Nov 2, 2017
I am so happy to have one of your puzzles to solve again, Brian. Thank you!
#5: Ga Hendrick (GaHendrick) on Nov 2, 2017
So detailed for such a small puzzle. Well done.
#6: Teresa K (fasstar) on Aug 12, 2019
This one is soooooo cool, Brian!
#7: Jill Tallmer (Yidl) on Aug 12, 2019
Just right for my eyes, fingers, and attention span, thanks

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