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Comments on Puzzle #27076: So quietly without a sound
By Teresa K (fasstar)

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Puzzle Description:

(This puzzle was recovered from the 2016 database crash. Description not available.)

#1: Adam (adds3000) on Sep 29, 2020 [SPOILER]

#2: Teresa K (fasstar) on Oct 21, 2020
Yes, Adam!

The title is from a poem:

A Snowflake Falls

By Ruth Adams

One night I saw a snowflake fall.
Past memories it did recall.

And as the snow fell to the ground,
So quietly without a sound,

I watched until a blanket made,
To glistening white - brown earth did fade.

An untouched cover until the dawn.
The sun arose; it was soon gone.

I thought of friendships in the past.
Seemed perfect though they did not last.

And family ties once meant so much,
Now rarely do we keep in touch.

So quickly life can take a turn,
Yet slowly we do seem to learn.

So many things in life can change
And suddenly be rearranged.

In our slumber while we do sleep,
For granted blessings thought to keep,

For same as night does turn to morn,
An untouched blanket can get torn,

The things that we have overlooked,
Ignored, rejected or mistook,

As melted snow does turn to slush,
Relationships can turn to dust.

So this year for the holiday,
Praise God for blessings given today.

Don't take for granted they'll remain,
That life forever will be the same.

Let's be the most that we can be,
For all our friends and family.

Unlike the snowflake on the ground,
Let's keep in touch and stay around.
#3: Web Paint-By-Number Robot (webpbn) on Oct 14, 2021
Found to be solvable by line logic alone by dbouldin.
#4: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Oct 14, 2021
fun steady solve!
#5: Web Paint-By-Number Robot (webpbn) on Oct 15, 2021
Found to have a unique solution by valerie.

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