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Comments on Puzzle #2577: I am sailing
By vindersloon (vindersloon)

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Puzzle Description:

Viking ship

#1: Marie-Louise Ambrey (marz) on Mar 30, 2008 [SPOILER]

Reminded me of when I lived on a yacht when I was younger. The sea looks rather choppy, we sailed a lot of rough seas then and I was sick for most of the time until a really awful night onboard the boat cured me. A great little puzzle, thanks :)
#2: m2 (mercymercy) on Mar 31, 2008
Marz you can't just leave us hanging... you must tell us about the awful night.
#3: Scylla Kat (scyllacat) on Mar 31, 2008
For a small and kind of easy one, it's very nicely composed.
#4: Marie-Louise Ambrey (marz) on Mar 31, 2008 [SPOILER]
Ok Mercy, well it was a dark and stormy night to be sure, and we were tied up to a wee jetty, but exposed to the tempestuous ocean and the frightful elements of nature. Me and my Da stayed on the Jema-Beale, our yacht, all night while me Ma and the other kids had hit the shore, taking refuge in a public bathroom, hehe!(they had a terrible night, poor things, it was all cement and very cold) While me Da was up all night repairing and replacing snapped ropes and making sure the Jema-Beale was safe, I was having a wonderful sleep in my cabin bed, I slept all night without a bother in the world, and sure enough, after that dreadful night I never got sea sick again :)
#5: Jan Wolter (jan) on Mar 31, 2008 [SPOILER]
Lovely puzzle. The bottom bit wasn't very interesting, but the sail was fun.

I only ever lived on a yacht for a week, a week that partially fulfilled a life-long dream of my father's, who always dreamed of being a sailor instead of a doctor. My clearest memory of that week is of the exact opposite situation: utterly becalmed on mirror-smooth water surrounded by heavy fog half-way between Charlevoix and Beaver Island. For lack of anything else to do, we all abandoned ship and went swimming. The image of that boat, floating in space surrounded by nothing but fog and it's reflection is a memorable one. That and the slightly creepy sensation of swimming in water calm as a pool but way, way over your head with who-knows-what down there beneath you.
#6: Beth (Shasta) on Mar 31, 2008
The sails were fun. I love the stories this puzzle generated. We have some pbner's who are great story tellers!
#7: Ga Hendrick (GaHendrick) on Mar 31, 2008
A unique style that I found entertaining to solve. Many thanks. The stories are wonderful.
#8: Gypso (Gypso) on Mar 31, 2008 [SPOILER]
I'm so glad that both Marz and Jan survived their sailing experiences. ;)

Interesting little puzzle. Thank you.
#9: m2 (mercymercy) on Apr 1, 2008 [SPOILER]
Thanks Marz for filling in the missing parts. I don't think I've ever been on a boat for more than a half an hour. I shall just have to imagine what it is like based on yours and Jan's stories.
#10: Jan Wolter (jan) on Apr 1, 2008
Hmmm...I think that might almost work. Neither story is exactly typical, but they occupy opposite poles (and on opposite sides of the globe) and in both stories, weather is everything. You could do worse.
#11: m2 (mercymercy) on Apr 2, 2008
It will be quite an imaginary trip.
#12: Debra Greene (dlegreen) on Apr 2, 2008 [SPOILER]
I really liked this puzzle - almost 3 dimensional looking. I have had many sailing experiences - Chesapeake Bay, BVI, Alaska, and good old Michigan. Many quite normal and pleasant, but the "awful" ones - whether rough or calm - make for the best stories around the bar afterward!! And the salty ones always get better with age!
#13: Gypso (Gypso) on Apr 2, 2008
Debra what is BVI? And you have to share one of your "awful" stories. Perhaps even a salty one? :)
#14: Jen (lightvader) on Apr 3, 2008 [SPOILER]
I don't do so well on boats. I got "sea-sick" on a little speed boat on the river we live by.
#15: Arduinna (arduinna) on Aug 22, 2008 [SPOILER]
Jen, I probably would too! I get motion sick in elevators!

Very cool puzzle. I agree with Jan that the bottom is less than interesting, but then I got to all those red 1s and 2s! It looked difficult to solve until you find the right way in.
#16: Jane Doe (telly) on Aug 25, 2008
loved the stories and solving was fun, especially the top.
#17: Jota (jota) on Jan 5, 2009
How about entering this week's WC, we'll like a puzzle from you in the competition.
#18: Byrdie (byrdie) on Jun 29, 2009 [SPOILER]
The sail was a bit tricky but a fun puzzle all the way around.

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