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Comments on Puzzle #24190: Why do you have your eyes closed?
By Tom O'Connell (sensei69)

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#1: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Apr 6, 2014

the drive-in?
#2: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Apr 6, 2014
#3: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Apr 6, 2014
Scary movie at the drive-in.:)
#4: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Apr 6, 2014
looks like it might be Jurassic Park showing...
#5: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Apr 6, 2014
yessss Kurt
#6: travis miller (bigblue) on Apr 6, 2014
good one tom :)
#7: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Apr 7, 2014
ty Trav
#8: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Apr 8, 2014 [SPOILER]
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#9: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Apr 8, 2014
your such a romantic Kristen :)
#10: Jota (jota) on Apr 8, 2014
And those were the days!
It was 1977 the last time that I went to one of those.
#11: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Apr 8, 2014
Good one Tom. I saw what it was right away.
#12: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Apr 9, 2014
yep Jota ... the last time for me was watching "Saturday night fever" in the late 70's
#13: Linda Young (youngl) on Apr 9, 2014
I thought they fell asleep!
#14: Velma Warren (Shiro) on Jan 20, 2020
How can you tell they are closed?
#15: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on May 2, 2021
If they were kissing row 13 would be 1-1-1-1-2-1 :)
...OR the more risque 1-1-1-1-1 :O
#16: Jota (jota) on May 2, 2021

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