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Comments on Puzzle #23012: WCP # 141... Easy boy.
By Aldege Cholette (Aldege)

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  version: 2    quality:   difficulty:   solvability: line & color logic only  

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#1: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Oct 23, 2013

I just gave er a peek and yet to solve, but it looks great. Fantastic blend! you're one blue dot over from where they eye was, but that's easily remedied...well done, Aldege!
#2: Kathy Cain (kathycain) on Oct 23, 2013 [SPOILER]
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#3: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Oct 23, 2013
Love how you changed this. The dog and cat are wonderful. Really, really cute.
#4: annalivia (annalivia) on Oct 24, 2013 [SPOILER]
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#5: Web Paint-By-Number Robot (webpbn) on Oct 24, 2013
New version published by aldege.
#6: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Oct 24, 2013
Thx Kurt,and thx for starting the blending in thing,that was a fun challenge to do. Oh and thx for pointing out the misplaced blue pixel. I checked several times and I could of sworn I was good to go,lol. I corrected it,thx again buddy.:)
#7: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Oct 24, 2013
Thx Kathy,I'm not familiar with that painting.:)
#8: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Oct 24, 2013
Thx Norma,this was a lot of fun to make.:)
#9: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Oct 24, 2013
Thx Annalivia,gee I'll have to work on another one to see what I can come up with.:)
#10: Linda Martin (ilovethispuzzle123) on Oct 26, 2013
very cool! I like how you incorporated the original image into this picture. excellent stance on the female figure - looks realistic.
#11: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Oct 26, 2013
Thx Linda.:)
#12: Jota (jota) on Oct 26, 2013
LOVE IT! Awesome! Thanks!
#13: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Oct 27, 2013
Thank you Jota,my pleasure.:)
#14: Kristen Vognild (Kristen) on Nov 4, 2013
Al, I'm guessing this is the painting (Seurat's most famous):
#15: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Nov 8, 2013
Thx Kristen,wow I can't recall ever seeing that picture,however I may have a long time ago,and perhaps it was in my unconscious,I mean subconscious mind.:)
#16: Kristen Vognild (Kristen) on Nov 8, 2013
It was featured in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, when they visit the art museum in Chicago. :)

#17: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Nov 24, 2013
Very good Aldege! Love the dog

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