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By valerie o..travis (bigblue)

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#1: Lollipop (lollipop) on Jul 24, 2012

I couldn't agree more. Did you know that the jump you have drawn with water beneath it is called a liverpool?

Canada's Eric Lamaze won Olympic gold in the show jumping competition in Beijing, and the Canadian team won silver. At age 65, Ian Millar ("Captain Canada") will be competing in his 10th consecutive Olympics in London, which will make him the single athlete with the most Olympic competitions ever (it would have been 11 but for the Moscow boycott). His farm is not far from Ottawa, where I live. Jill Henselwood, also a silver medalist and also on the London team, lives nearby as well. Jill used to coach my daughter.
#2: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Jul 24, 2012
lollipop, can't say i remember hearing it's called liverpool. i just remember seeing jumps with water as well as others. well good luck to ian and jill(that's great she coached your daughter). i will have to remember their names as i watch the olympics. i won't be getting very much sleep in the next couple of weeks. i try and watch as much as possible,i just love all of it. even at work i will have the tv's set to the olympics. :)
#3: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jul 25, 2012
wonderful pic Trav
#4: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Jul 25, 2012
Travis this is an incredibly great image. You captured the event perfectly. I love everything about it. Thanks for the enjoyment. :)

Lollipop,thanks for the info on some great Canadians,i wasn't aware of this,because i haven't been into equestrian events very much. I forgot you lived in Ottawa,were not to far from each other now.:)
#5: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Jul 25, 2012
thank you very much to both of you, tom and aldege :)
#6: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Jul 25, 2012
Your picture is also graceful and elegant. Great job. I will be watching the equestrians with a lot more interest thanks to lollipop's info.
#7: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Jul 25, 2012
norma, thank you :) and so will i
#8: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Jul 26, 2012
Artfully done!
#9: Jota (jota) on Jul 26, 2012
Excellent solve! Thanks Travis!
#10: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jul 26, 2012
Travis, this was beautifully done, and the solve was a good challenge.

Lollipop, thanks for the info. That's pretty cool.
#11: Vaggelis Kamaris (evag7651) on Jul 26, 2012
simply wonderful!!!!!
#12: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Jul 26, 2012
thank you all so much kristen,jota,teresa and vaggelis :)
can't wait 'till tomorrow night :)
#13: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Jul 29, 2012
#14: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Jul 29, 2012 [SPOILER]
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#15: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Jul 29, 2012
kurt, thank you :)
susan,thank you and also for the link :)
#16: Lollipop (lollipop) on Jul 30, 2012
Sandi Patterson, Big Ben's groom mentioned in Susan's link, was my daughter's very first riding teacher. My daughter had been asking to ride since she was 7 years old, and we finally surprised her with riding lessons for her 10th birthday. Sandi was holding the lead line the very first time she walked around the ring sitting on a pony, and taught her for seven months until she left the stable we were at.
#17: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Jul 30, 2012
lollipop, wow that's so cool..does your daughter still ride
#18: Lollipop (lollipop) on Jul 30, 2012
Yes, she does. I always say that's why God gave me fingers -- it's to watch money flow through like water.
#19: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jul 30, 2012
or to type lollipop with 3 fingers
#20: Lollipop (lollipop) on Jul 30, 2012
lmao, Tom
#21: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Aug 1, 2012
lollipop,maybe we'll see her in the olympics one day, yes? :)
#22: Lollipop (lollipop) on Aug 1, 2012
No, Travis, our pockets are way too shallow. But she used to compete at a national level, and now competes regionally and provincially 5 months a year while raising her family and working full time. She and her horse have won every award available in our region (eastern Ontario), and several years ago she was the Ontario provincial champion in her division. That horse is now in the U.S. for lease or sale, and my daughter is training another. (I used to own an intransigent mare who couldn't be trained, so I threw more money at her and had her bred, and I still own her 17.2-hand "baby" who is too big for my daughter to compete on, and we also still have her first horse, now retired, that I refer to as my 1200-pound lawn ornament. I have been trying to downsize, but the market has been poor in our intermediate price range.)
#23: valerie o..travis (bigblue) on Aug 1, 2012
lollipop, what a shame.. your daughter sounds like she has a full agenda but here's hoping just maybe some day. wow how great you kept her first horse(lawn ornament..lol) :)

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