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Comments on Puzzle #17463: WCP #102 Desert
By Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick)

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#1: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 6, 2012

Thank you for the 1/1-rating.
Hello: IT'S A JOKE!!!!!!!
#2: Kristen Vognild (Kristen) on Feb 6, 2012
Sure, it's a joke, but it's also a really easy, boring puzzle. :)
#3: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 6, 2012
Kristen, it is NO PUZZLE.
#4: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 6, 2012
And it could not be boring, cause it takes only one second.
#5: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Feb 6, 2012
brilliant placement Kai
#6: Kadou (Kadou) on Feb 6, 2012
You should know that it's been done many times before and it's not funny.
#7: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 6, 2012
So sorry, Kadou, that I have stolen a second of your life. Not everyone has a sense of humor.
#8: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Feb 6, 2012
I have a great sense of humour Kai,and you have made some great puzzles,but i'm sorry the humour in this one is eludes me,and i don't understand the title.By the way were you expecting a 4/4 rating?,even if it's a joke it doesn't deserve higher than a 1/1 rating.:)
#9: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 6, 2012
it deserves NO Rating, Aldege.
but let's stop this discussion.
i never thought that it provokes this reaction
#10: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Feb 6, 2012
Well, apparently enough people like it to still keep it a rating of 2.5 so I wouldn't worry about it, Kai. :-)
#11: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Feb 6, 2012
maybe monkey..we just like Kai
#12: Jota (jota) on Feb 6, 2012
Kai you got a laugh from me and for that I thank you.
@ Aldege: Desert: desolate - deserted - empty ...
#13: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 7, 2012
That's the Way aha aha I like it aha aha
#14: karl (keicher) on Feb 7, 2012
im glad other people are just as annoyed as me at garbage like this.
#15: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Feb 7, 2012
Thx Jota now i understand,and the 2.5 rating can only be cause we do like Kai,for once i have to agree with karl.:)
#16: Joel Lynn (furface1) on Feb 7, 2012
I hadn't looked at the current Challenge before I opened this puzzle, so I didn't think too much of it. In any other context it would be ridiculous, but I get it. I'm sorry if Kai has nothing else to do for fun, but I'm pretty sure he has many other interesting pursuits, or he wouldn't be able to make such (usually) good puzzles for us. Amazing how wild the comments are!
#17: Lauren (lorispad) on Feb 11, 2012
#18: Byrdie (byrdie) on Feb 11, 2012 [HINT]
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#19: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Feb 12, 2012
well done, Martin!
#20: Jota (jota) on Feb 12, 2012
LOL Martin!
#21: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Oct 16, 2012 [HINT]
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#22: Kadou (Kadou) on Oct 16, 2012
lol! David, are you a comedian?
#23: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Oct 16, 2012
that makes sense
#24: Byrdie (byrdie) on Oct 16, 2012
I'm just glad that one of my hints finally proved useful.
#25: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Oct 20, 2012
sorry for making it so difficult.
#26: Joseph Newton (Shroomyjoe) on Aug 1, 2013
I'm missing one little dot! ONE LITTLE DOT!!! Damn you dot sea! Stop hiding from me, empty space!

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