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Comments on Puzzle #14433: WCP # 85 Let it be so.
By Kit E. Katz (hello)

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#1: Leigh Cousins (pog) on Jun 9, 2011

A future where carnivores will either cease to exist or become herbivores, it seems. How will this physiological revolution happen?
#2: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Jun 9, 2011
Great picture!
#3: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jun 9, 2011
thanks for the great entry, Kit
#4: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Jun 9, 2011
It's called an allegory, Leigh. Some people take their religious texts so seriously. :)

I love the image!
#5: Jota (Jota) on Jun 9, 2011
Thanks for another great entry!
#6: Trish (tryingmysoul) on Jun 9, 2011
Very nice!
#7: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Jun 9, 2011
Great image Kit E.
#8: Kit E. Katz (hello) on Jun 9, 2011
Thanks for your comments, everyone.

I had meant to express a desire for an end to war and violence in general. I chose the quote (quite common in popular culture) because it's picturesque symbolism of peaceful reconciliation between sworn enemies. I only included the actual passage because I recently found out that it was actually a misquote (yet keeps the theme of peace). Funny how often quotes become garbled over time and the changed version becomes accepted as the original; kind of like a long-term game of "telephone". :) No intent to preach, just an explaination of the image.

Besides, it was a good excuse to do another cat puzzle! XD

Pog, if they become herbivores, then they would cease being carnivores. Both will occur through the misguided acts of mad scientists through the misuse of gene manipulation and bioengineering. ...and they will also create centipede chickens to supply enough legs to the fried chicken industry to avoid those Sunday night squabbles at the dinner tables all around the globe! XD
#9: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on Jun 9, 2011
i say,,, engineer more wings
#10: Sarah Andrews (sarah) on Jun 9, 2011
very pretty image
#11: annalivia (annalivia) on Jun 11, 2011
lovely! both the image and the concept.
#12: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Jun 23, 2011 [SPOILER]
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#13: Kristen Vognild (kristen) on Jun 23, 2011
I often use that quote myself. :D
#14: Sandy White (paper5) on Sep 27, 2016
Beautiful puzzle & comment

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