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Comments on Puzzle #14255: Medieval instrument
By Kristen Coolman (kristen)

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Puzzle Description:

The crumhorn in an instrument best left in the Middle Ages. The thing sounds like a wooden kazoo, with a distinct "dwaa" sound.

#1: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on May 31, 2011 [SPOILER]


The third link is the best "quality" and gives a full range of crumhorn sounds.
#2: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on May 31, 2011 [HINT]
Kristen, having trouble setting that 5 at the bottom..sorry
#3: bugaboo (bugaboo) on May 31, 2011
the "third link?"
#4: Ron Jacobson (shmily999) on May 31, 2011 [SPOILER]
AFter trial and error, I was able to place the bottom row 5 from C10-14. Then the puzzle fell into place. I don't know if that is logically done or not.
#5: Kylee (motobabe440) on May 31, 2011
solved easily and quickly ... thanks!
#6: Gator (gator) on May 31, 2011 [HINT]
This one is logically solvable, but I will have to come back to post the steps. Nice puzzle.
#7: Tom O'Connell (sensei69) on May 31, 2011
please do Gator...
#8: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on May 31, 2011
Look for the row of 1's at the bottom. :)
#9: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on May 31, 2011 [SPOILER]
Bug, if you go to the link at recorderhomepage, it has 3 links to crumhorns being played.
#10: Gator (gator) on May 31, 2011 [HINT]
All of this may not be necessary, but this is how I tackled it.

I used edge logic on the 5 clue in the bottom row to make R13C1-R13C8 and R13C16 dots. Some line logic.

I used edge logic on row 5 to make R5C14-R5C16 dots. I then did the same thing on row 6 to make R6C14-R6C16 dots. R15C15 can now be black.

Using edge logic on the 2 clue in column 16 R12C16 can be made a dot. I then used affirmation logic on the 2 clue in column 16 to see that no matter where the 2 clue is placed R13C15 will always be a dot. A little more line logic.

I then used edge logic with the 3 clue in column 8 to make R4C8-R7C8 dots. A little more line logic.

Two-way logic with the 3 clue in column 8 lets us see that the resulting 2 clue can only be in one of two places (R2C7-R3C7 or R8C7-R9C7). The rest of column 7 has to be dots. A little more line logic.

Edge logic in row 12 lets us dot R12C1, R12C2, R12C5, and R12C6. The rest is line logic.
#11: Web Paint-By-Number Robot (webpbn) on May 31, 2011
Found to be logically solvable by gator.
#12: Avgvstvs (Avgvstvs) on May 31, 2011 [HINT]
Edge logic on the 5 on R13 give you three black squares. After line logic eliminates C11-13 and the first four rows on C14-16, look at the two 3 at R5 and R6. They cannot go between C14-16 because they cause a contradiction on R7 and R8.

Edge logic on the 2 on C16 allow you to eliminate C16R12. Now, compare C14-16 and R7-12. There's no 3 on none of these rows, so the 2 on R14, the 4 on R15 and the 2 on R16 cannot align all at the same time. The 4 MUST stand in the middle while the two 2 occupy extremes. The 1 on R11 is also decisive. Since you've previously eliminated C16R12 and C16R13, the 2 on R16 can only occuppy the superior portion, while the 1 on R11 tells us that the 2 on R14 MUST occupy R12-13.

All the rest goes with line logic.

I'm sorry for not being so clear. I hope someone else can explain you better.
#13: Avgvstvs (Avgvstvs) on May 31, 2011
Oh, too late. :)
#14: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Jun 1, 2011
Well, it was the middle ages and all they had were crummy musicians...

This was surprisingly tough!
#15: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Jun 2, 2011
Darn, I thought it would be easy, with the (I thought) obvious edge logic on the bottom row!
#16: Jota (Jota) on Jun 3, 2011
I actually like it, hear this
#17: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Jun 3, 2011
I like how the one guy put on an Elizabethan collar over his T-shirt. :)
#18: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jun 11, 2011
How interesting. I like your puzzle, Kristen, even though it was really, really, difficult (if you rely on pure logic).

Thanks for the link, Jota. I like this one too:
#19: Byrdie (byrdie) on Sep 4, 2011 [HINT]
I think I might've done this a bit more simply than Gator and Augustus. Like them I started with edge logic on the bottom 5. After that, line logic narrows down where the last three columns can be place. Interior edge logic places enough of the 4 that line logic can solve the rest of it.

Image isn't bad but figuring out where to start is the real fun of this puzzle.
#20: Andrew Schultz (blurglecruncheon) on Sep 11, 2019 [HINT] [SPOILER]
This is a really good puzzle for edge logic. I'm relatively new, but I found that the 5 was a good target, because the 2-2 above it restricted where the 5 could be a lot.

Then there was an inner edge with the rightmost 3 column, and I was able to work on that.

I don't know if anyone here is a Kingdom of Loathing fan, but this brought up memories of Clancy's Crumhorn and Clancy's Sackbut when you played as Boris the Beefy.
#21: Claudia (clau_bolson) on Sep 11, 2019 [SPOILER]
I am in a group of medieval music players, and we certainly have a crumhorn.
(that's not me)
#22: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Sep 11, 2019
Ahh, then you know well the plaintive, ducklike call of the crumhorn. :)
#23: Claudia (clau_bolson) on Sep 11, 2019
Yes, that's how we call it - "the duck" (proper name in Spanish is "cromorno")
#24: Kristen Coolman (kristen) on Sep 11, 2019

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