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Comments on Puzzle #12845: Mr .B.has a Hootenany.
By Aldege Cholette (Aldege)

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#1: bugaboo (bugaboo) on Mar 19, 2011

theres a word for ya for sure
#2: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Mar 19, 2011
And what word would that be besides weird.Perhaps demented.
#3: bugaboo (bugaboo) on Mar 19, 2011
hootenanny was the word i was referring to
and yes i have heard it before and yes you did use it correctly
and no you didnt spell it right (one n too few) haha
#4: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Mar 20, 2011
So your saying me and or my puzzles are a hoot,now i truly feel honored,and o.k. maybe i don't spell so good,but my vocabulary is not bad for a guy with a grade 2 education.HA,HA.I ALSO FORGET TO TAKE THE CAPS LOCK OFF,oh crap,a lot of the time.
#5: Teresa K (fasstar) on Aug 31, 2011 [SPOILER]
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#6: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Sep 17, 2011
You just discovered this one recently Teresa? Glad you liked it.:)
#7: derby (Derby) on Nov 24, 2021
I also missed it. Excellent puzzle. Very well crafted.

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