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Topic #446: Home Page - Inclusion of Brain-Busting
By Bryan (Cyclone)

#1: Bryan (Cyclone) on Jan 14, 2014

I don't see a need to include the "Brain-Busting" category on the home page. Specifically, there are exactly 15 puzzles - not even a full page. The same puzzles regularly repeat in that set of two puzzles; it's possible to see all but one puzzle in a single week.

I'd support lumping them in among the "Hard" puzzles and combining those two categories. Thoughts?

This would also be done under "Best Puzzles", where I found the list.
#2: Jan Wolter (jan) on Feb 17, 2014
Interesting. Clearly the list of the hardest puzzles has been depleted since I set up the boundaries. Maybe as we have more and more very experienced solvers, fewer and fewer puzzles get rated as really hard by a lot of people.

Yeah, some adjustment is probably needed.
#3: Bryan (Cyclone) on Feb 17, 2014
That was why I brought it up. I recognize it's looking at 4+ quality, and there are probably folks who are purposely lowering ratings to put their puzzles higher (though we'd hope not) and inadvertently affecting this. I'd say 3+ is good for this, but that's just my opinion. =)
#4: Kurt Kowalczyk (bahabro) on Jul 19, 2014
there are prob more than 15 "brain-busting" puzzs, just you're looking at the Best Puzzles tab. they don't make it onto the "best puzzles" list unless they have at least a 4 quality rating, Bryan. but you're right, there aren't too many brain-busting puzzles and they do keep repeating.

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