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Topic #44: Hours in a day
By nancy king (naneki)

#1: nancy king (naneki) on Sep 8, 2007

I was curious..How many hours in a day do you spend on Paint-by-Number Puzzles?
#2: Deana L (FFsWife) on Oct 26, 2007
Heh. Don't ask.
#3: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 8, 2007
Billable hours, or real hours?
#4: Marie-Louise Ambrey (marz) on Sep 8, 2007
You will get less honest answers here then the question about age, believe me. Geez, my butt is sore! Oh, my head is spinning! That's how many hours I have been on tonight :)
#5: Barb Edwards (babarann) on Sep 8, 2007
It's sad when the main reason you tell your kids they've been spending too much time on the computer is that they've been cutting into your PBN time! 'Nuff said?
#6: nancy king (naneki) on Sep 8, 2007
WOW, You guys are GREAT! If we're not careful we might have to start a Logic Anonymous group.
#7: m2 (mercymercy) on Sep 8, 2007
Well I get up.. start the computer, open PBN and leave it there all day. Since I work at home I puzzle in between jobs. So I'm here off and on most of my awake hours.
#8: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 8, 2007
I like the way M2 put it. That's what I do as well. Some days it's more puzzling then getting work done!
#9: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 9, 2007
Geez, now I feel guilty for not being on the computer and hiking the desert all day instead. Of course, the computer is not in my face all day at home like it is at work. Marz, I can;t tell you many night I have felt like that! But we can't all start a LA movement by not being honest about the time thing. It seems like that would be covered in one of th esteps, lessee, Anger, Denial, Obsessive, ah, something like that.
#10: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 9, 2007
JC, honey, you okay?
#11: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 9, 2007
Wonderful, thank you, just really really tired after a long week with a really grumpy boss. Thank god for weekends! Oh, by the by, Dick Dale is going to be at some festival next saturday in San Bernardino.
#12: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 9, 2007
JC, do you plan to go?
BTW, Are you staying hydrated?
#13: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 9, 2007
Very seriously considering, send more details tomorrow.
#14: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 9, 2007
Have you eaten? And how was that walk in the desert?
#15: Jan Wolter (jan) on Sep 9, 2007
Hmmm...maybe I could do some analysis of the web logs and figure out how much time you all spend here. Well, probably not. Couldn't really tell if you were puzzling or just had the puzzle on your screen while you were off harvesting tofu.

Anyway, I'm not sure I want to know how many hours of valuable brain power this web site is sucking away from solving the real problems of the world, like global warming and international terrorism.

Though, you know, if we could get all those terrorists and tin-pot dictators hopelessly hooked on paint-by-number puzzles it'd be a much more peaceful world.
#16: Deana L (FFsWife) on Oct 26, 2007
Hiking in the desert? Do you geocache, by chance?
#17: Marie-Louise Ambrey (Marz) on Sep 9, 2007
Nooooo Jan, dont do that, I really love my tofu garden.
Jan has just solved all the problems of the world, now all we have to do is print out puzzles with the instructions and a plug to this site, post them to the terrorists and leaders, and all will be well :)
#18: nancy king (naneki) on Sep 9, 2007
That sounds like a good plan!
#19: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 9, 2007
Gee, Marz, not to sound egocentric, but I think the tofu comment might be a dig at the westcoasters.

The desert is wonderful, little green wren-type birds, lizards out the wazoo. There is an oasis not far from here with palem groves. From a distance you see the clump of palms that grow around the natural springs. It's really something else, very humid at the center, like being back in steamy midwest summmer, but hotter.

Just thinking about international solvers, do people solve from right to left, or vice versa?
#20: Jan Wolter (jan) on Sep 9, 2007
My family is 3/4 vegetarian (so no meat), 3/4 celliac (so no wheat, barley, rye, or oats even in microscopic amounts), 4/4 dairy sensitive (so no milk or cheese), 1/4 corn sensitive, 1/4 yeast sensitive, 1/4 tomato sensitive, 1/4 onion sensitive, 2/4 sugar sensitive. Eating out or buying prepared foods for this crowd is impossible, and cooking is a major challenge. We've been able to manage pretty good pizzas without wheat, tomatoes, pepperoni or cheese and many other spectacular acts of high-wire ingredient substitution.

I mention this to help explain the fact that the last time I went to the grocery store, I came home with eight pounds of tofu, which my family will have entirely consumed by the end of the week. In my lexicon, tofu is not a dig at the west coast. Tofu is the stuff of life.

However, tofu is also inherently funny.
#21: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 9, 2007
Tofu is funny. Much funnier than say, tofurkey.

And I thought my picky crowd was tough to appease.
#22: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 9, 2007
Congratulations Jan! That is quite a feat with all those dietary restrictions. Tofu is a wonderment isn't it? Celliac's is such a drag. I'm so sorry. But it sounds like you're making the best of it. Be careful with your 8 pounds of weekly tofu. It'd be hard to explain how you put your back out with tofu. It's the stuff of my life too. Want to share some of your recipes?

JC, what picky crowd do you speak of?
#23: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 9, 2007
Any family gathering where one wants a burger mushed onewants it completely unmushed one wants onion mixed in, one wants sauted onion mixed in one wants it cooked on a space taht hasnt been touched by a burger with onions, one wants it thin int he middle and thick on the edges one wants cheese but not melted and then we get to the degrees of doneness, seasoning types and amounts, toasting of buns, etc. That's when they all get JC's burger casserole. If everyone is equally unhappy, I've done my job.
#24: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 9, 2007
Congratulations JC! A good solution.
#25: Marie-Louise Ambrey (marz) on Sep 9, 2007
JC, just take them all to Macca's and be done with it.
There was only once I enjoyed tofu and that was cooked by my Chinese boss at his Chinese restuarant and takeaway. I even called it beautiful, it was used like meat in a stirfry dish, it was the way he cooked it and what he had flavoured it with, I think he marinated it, not sure, but it was so nice. I am so glad I had this experience with tofu, cause all the times before it wasn't so good, cooked by whacked out hippie Tasmanians, they just didn't know what to do with the stuff. They should of just smoked it. Can you get smoked tofu? Might be nice :)
#26: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 9, 2007
Your first mistake was eating with whacked out hippie Tasmanians Marz. *.*
#27: Marie-Louise Ambrey (marz) on Sep 9, 2007
I couldn't help it Gypso, they were my parents and my parents friends, I was just a kid, had to eat what was thrown my way. It was a great childhood though, not too much expected of us, plenty of time to play and be kids, and I will never forget some of the beautiful people that we knew, dont find many people like that today, I mean there is, it's just harder to find them, or they are uniquely Tasmanian :)
#28: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 10, 2007
OH those devils. Tofu is really like a sponge, it will absorb the flavors around it. Give it nothing, it will taste like chewy nothing. Marinate (or smoke it), that's what it will taste like. What's Macca's? There is a small town near here called Mecca (no, not THAT Mecca) with a bunch o f whacked out hippies in it. In your honor, if you come on over I will make you tofu, Marz, just no special orders. Dis ain't burger king, ya know!
#29: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 10, 2007
So that's how you come by your sweet and free spirit! I have a guess as to what Macca's is JC, but you'll just have to wait for Marz to tell you. :p
Any tofu tips you want to share JC?
#30: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Sep 10, 2007
Hippies Hippies yeah!

can't help myself sorry

peace out man

(oups did it again)
#31: Marie-Louise Ambrey (marz) on Sep 10, 2007
Sorry JC, Macca's is Mc Donalds, but by the sounds of it, Burger King might be closer. Thanks for the offer, but I think I'd rather your burger casserole, to tofu, or maybe you could do a tofu burger.
Gypso, I was trying to look for the comment that had your myspace address, but I cant for the life of me find it, so I was wondering, if you dont mind of course, could you please write it down again for me? I really do hope you dont mind. I have just started my own one up, it is half formed at the moment, 2 days old, and I need my daughter to help out with it sometimes, but it is so fun, I love it. Here is my Myspace address if you want to have a look; myspace.com/marzipan71
Thankyou!!! :)
Ps, if anybody else wants to share their myspace or you want to check mine out, then the more the merrier :)
#32: Deana L (FFsWife) on Oct 26, 2007
I'm a facebook girl myself. :)
#33: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 10, 2007
Facebook Deana?
#34: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 10, 2007
Gyps: Not really much of a tofu fan unless it's hidden in something like hot and soup soup. Never really worked much with it. Never had anything against it, it just hasn't made a point of jumping into my shopping basket on many occasions. Sort of like going to a video store and repeatedly passing up a movie you'd like to see because you always find something else you'd rather see more.

Slyvain: Hippie, hippie, shake! Yeah, I've heard stories about Canadien hippies. INfamous ones, you know.

Marz: We call it Mickey D's sometimes, sounds almost classy, like when you pronounce Target like it were French -- tar-ZHAY. Definitely not Burger King, cause that's where you can "have it your way". We could adapt a tofu recipe from an old buffalohead (a nasty tasting fish) recipe. You nail the buffalohead to a board, then put it over an open flame, flipping every five minutes. When the board is charred, you pull out the nails, throw away the fish and eat the board. Nah, let's stick to something that had a pulse. Burgers all around!
How does one work myspace? And be kind to the technologically illiterate, and type slowly. I've heard of facebook and have gotten the impression that it is geared more to adults? Or did I assume incorrectly?
Marzipan, the stuff made from sugar and almonds? That means you're sweet AND nutty?
#35: nancy king (naneki) on Sep 10, 2007
Marz, my space is naneki_57. (it's set to private so I'll have to OK you) What's yours?

JC - when I was young my parents called MC DONALDS "Mac's blue room"
#36: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 10, 2007
Babarann, do you remeber Wimpy's? The one we used to go to was in Homestead off of West Street, just up the hill from US Steel. For the rest of yins (another P'burgh term, means y'all), Wimpy's was the local version of McD's.
#37: Barb Edwards (babarann) on Sep 10, 2007
I would have known what Wimpy's was, but don't necessarily remember going there. I can barely find my way around the neighborhood anymore when I go back to visit! My cousins lived on Mt. Washington. We loved to walk to the overlooks and ride the incline, without adult supervision in those days.
#38: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 10, 2007
Oh, it's been closed for years. I haven't been on the incline since about '88. I do remember there was a bar at the top with a deck where you could have a beer and look over the valley. Just never seem to get around to when we go back these days.
#39: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 10, 2007
JC, at the risk of repeating myself (which as you no doubt have noticed I do) to set up a Myspace account, go to the following:


Once there, click on "Sign up" in the upper right hand corner and follow the cues.

You can find me at:


Sorry for repeating myself but, my understanding of myspace etiquette is to be truthful with your profile responses. However you are not required to respond at all if you don't want to. Neither are you required to post a photo. As you may notice on my own, I've hardly filled out anything yet. Operative word is yet. I'll get around to it. Both Marz's and Naneki's myspace pages are lovely and cheerful. Nice job ladies! ^>^

It would be nice to "see" you on myspace!
Marz, I sent you a request on myspace this a.m. You should have it by now. :)

Naneki, Marz gave her address in #31 above. I'm going to mail it to you as well! ^>^

My stepson's mom called McDonald's Mac's Lounge. Imagine with a very thick NY accent! It was a hoot!
#40: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 10, 2007
You did tell me this before, but it is my fault for not writing it down and then forgetting where (what topic) you told me.
Has any one read theMcDonaldization of America? Wery interesting treatise. Not as fun as graphic novels, but what is?
#41: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Sep 10, 2007
I just visit Marz myspace page and I should say the you are one very beautiful lady Miss Marz. It's fun to put an image to people with who you speak everyday
#42: Deana L (FFsWife) on Oct 26, 2007

It's MySpace-esque. But different. MySpace is too open and spammy (is that a word? :D) for my taste. *shrug*
#43: J.C. Anderson (jc.noserdna) on Sep 10, 2007
Spammy is no less a word than MySpace-esque.
#44: Deana L (FFsWife) on Oct 26, 2007
lol... good point. ;)
#45: m2 (mercymercy) on Sep 11, 2007
OK I went out and started a MySpace for all y'all.
#46: Gypso (Gypso) on Sep 11, 2007
Yay! M2! ^v^
#47: Amanda Egeskov Hald (MInimanta) on Feb 11, 2009
It depends on my puzzlemood. But a couple of hours per day aren’t unusually (In other word a lot) :)
#48: Joseph Jessen (gijoex2) on Apr 15, 2011
Can this web-site be put onto Facebook?

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