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Topic #369: Future of the Weekly Contest
By Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick)

#1: Kai-Uwe Zickerick (conzick) on Dec 16, 2012

No entries anymore, only one in the last competition. I think the time is now - to discuss once more and maybe for the last time the future of the WCP.
#2: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Dec 16, 2012
With all the difficulties accessing the site, saving, etc. I doubt if there is much enthusiasm for entering the contest. Perhaps putting the contest on hiatus at least until Jan has time to work on the problem might give the contest a needed rest. But as Jan has said he doesn't know when he'll have time, so until then I guess it may be up in the air. And maybe people can be thinking about whether they want to stick to the current format or come up with suggestions for something different.
#3: Aldege Cholette (aldege) on Dec 16, 2012
I would of made puzzles for the last contest,and I will try to make one for this one,however Norma is right,it has been so hard to get on that I've lost my enthusiasm for the contest right now,and to be honest with everyone,the subject matter for the last 2 contest has not presented many good ideas for me. I enjoy making puzzles for the contest and I personally would like for it to continue,however I think Norma's suggestion to go on a hiatus until Jan can fix the site,may be a good idea.:)
#4: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Dec 16, 2012
Plus Tom is a plagiarist!
#5: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Dec 16, 2012
As far as I'm concerned, it has already been on hiatus for a while now. Maybe the enthusiasm has waned as the fallacy has become more understood.

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