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Topic #243: search description
By Mark (mark.jeronimus)

#1: Mark (mark.jeronimus) on Oct 5, 2010

Is searching of the description field ever going to be implemented? The only things I find are questions/comments about it from more than a year ago.

I'm trying to find pictures with certain elements which are obviously not put in the title, like "japanese".
#2: Kadou (Kadou) on Nov 15, 2010
It could be useful, for someone who wants to make a new design, to find out what has already been made.
I have already received comments on my designs that some previous versions existed in the puzzle bank. I had no idea since the title is rarely the solution.
Is it frowned on to create a puzzle that is similar to what is already created?
#3: Byrdie (byrdie) on Nov 15, 2010
Only by idiots. I have no problem with multiples of the same images. There is generally enough of a difference or some new perspective.

I guess I'd have to admit that I'm bored with all the iterations of the American flag but even so, I think it's unreasonable to expect that no duplicates be allowed.

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