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Topic #192: Number positioning...
By Cecily (TheLorax)

#1: Cecily (TheLorax) on Oct 21, 2009

First, let me say I am so happy to be able to use this site. I love these puzzles immensely. I used to buy the Games books purely for the PBN. I used to play on here s few years ago but had too much trouble with the reliability of the site. I have recently come back and quite happy with all the improvements. Thanks Jan!

Now my question...I can't seem to find a way to move the numbers from one side of the puzzle to the opposite. Can this be done? If not, can it be added?

I find the really large puzzles sooo frustrating when I can't see the numbers for where I am trying to solve.
#2: Gator (Gator) on Oct 21, 2009
The arrow keys work for me. See topic #185.
#3: Cecily (TheLorax) on Oct 21, 2009
YAY! Thank you!
#4: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Aug 3, 2012
holy crap, are you kidding me? i never knew about this! that's pretty darn cool!
#5: Jan Wolter (jan) on Aug 5, 2012
You can also change the alignment of the numbers with the arrow keys - left justified or right justified. Can be very nice for doing edge logic.
#6: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Aug 5, 2012
**falls over**

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