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Topic #131: Finding Weekly Challenge Puzzles
By Jennifer Jones (geekess)

#1: Jennifer Jones (geekess) on Nov 23, 2008

Help me out here...I wanted to look at all the WC#13 puzzles. I went to the "Find Puzzles" page and typed in #13 in the title field, but no matches were returned. I tried searching for WC to get ALL the challenge titled puzzles, but again got no matches. Do you have to type in the complete title to get a successful match?

#2: Nancy Snyder (naneki) on Nov 23, 2008
it would be nice if there was an easy way to keep them in a separate category, especially as more come into the contest (like last week) trying to go through and find them for judging was quite a long process
#3: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Nov 23, 2008
Jan was talking about refining the search engine to take the WC in account in the research maybe he'll do it soon???
#4: Nancy Snyder (naneki) on Nov 23, 2008
that would definitely make our life easier, wouldn't it Sylvain
#5: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Nov 23, 2008
yes it would

Please oh god-emperor ear our demand and be good to us OH migthy god-emperor

#6: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Nov 23, 2008
Jennifer, I understand your frustration. I, too, found no way to narrow a search down to WC puzzles. We have made this issue known to Jan, who said something about adding this project (of doing something to allow these searches to be effective) to the end of his list of 1000 more important things to do. I got that hint. So, I guess we just have to scroll through the list of puzzles until you find what you want.
#7: Jan Wolter (jan) on Nov 24, 2008
Sorry. I think the search engine chunks text so that "WC#13" is three words, "WC" "#" and "13". Then it discards all two-letter words as not being worth indexing. Since the search engine is part of the database software, it can't easily be modified. It's going to take some work to fix this and I don't see it happening in the next few months.
#8: Sylvain "WCPman" (qwerty) on Nov 24, 2008
maybe having a separate page like we already got for best puzzle and for "our" puzzle could do the trick.

WC puzzle would be appearing in both the WC page and the main page when publish. On the main page they diseapear once solve, on the WC page they're mark as done when solve but stay on the list

just an idea
#9: Jennifer Jones (geekess) on Nov 24, 2008
Jan what is the backend database? My husband and I are coders and have done some database work...will help with it if you like? Being somewhat new to posting to forums, if someone has offered and you've told them to mind their own business, just let me know. You sound like a very busy person and just wanted to offer help if I could since I do love this site.
#10: Jan Wolter (jan) on Nov 25, 2008
This is built on Mysql. (Isn't everything?) The find feature works with mysql's full text indexing. I think. I haven't looked at that code for a while.

The way I really want to address this is to implement tagging, so that users can tag puzzles with various category labels. "Animals", "No White Space", "Text Puzzles" "Weekly Challenge 14", etc.
#11: Nancy Snyder (naneki) on Nov 25, 2008
would it be easier for the contest category if they only put WC & the number without a title?
#12: Jennifer Jones (geekess) on Nov 25, 2008
I think if you set ft_min_word_len=2 in options for Mysql it will allow two letter searches...but you'll have to restart and rebuild fulltext indexes. Although I'm not sure if that's version dependent...would have to read a bit to check.
#13: Jan Wolter (jan) on Nov 30, 2008
Wow, you just lived up to your login name!
#14: Deana L (ffswife) on Nov 30, 2008
#15: Jennifer Jones (geekess) on Dec 9, 2008
eeek guess I did...sorry I'll tone it down. *grin*

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