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Topic #1040: Publishing a book?
By Karen Scholl (karenttrouble)

#1: Karen Scholl (karenttrouble) on Jul 13, 2021

Hi puzzle pals! I published several puzzles here before the crash, disappeared for a bit, and am now back. I've been practicing making puzzles this month and publishing here because I'd like to get good enough to publish a book. I know when I make a puzzle on this site, I retain the copyright, but is it acceptable to the community to use the puzzles I've made for a paper book later on? Further, is it acceptable to copy the puzzle image made by the site rather than regenerating it using some other software?
#2: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Aug 2, 2021
(I just found this thread now.) You are welcome to publish the puzzles that you have created. It is fine to use this site to format them for publication.

Please post the link so we can buy copies of your book! Also, I'll add your book to the Books page, on the menu on the left. Cool!
#3: Shrek4fun (Shrek4fun) on Jan 31, 2022
May God bless the work of your hands Karen!

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