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Topic #1038: Finding puzzles by keywords
By AM (adrian)

#1: AM (adrian) on Jun 2, 2021

Currently finding by keyword is limited to the Title field. The problem with that is that the title field is supposed to be cryptic, and therefore the keywords won't usually match the actual image. For example a puzzle that depicts the moon may have the title: "Hangs in the sky". So searching for "moon" won't return anything (or not that puzzle anyway).

I know this is a long shot at this point, but just for the record, I'd like to suggest adding descriptive tags (categories, keywords etc) associated with each puzzle that would allow searching based on multiple criteria.

This may not be desired when looking for puzzles to solve, but it could be useful when creating a new puzzle and would like to determine if there are other similar ones already.

Also, adding search by description and/or comments, as well as allowing operators in queries such as AND, OR would make it easier to find the puzzled we may be interested in.

#2: Valerie Mates (valerie) on Jun 3, 2021
Thanks Adrian -- I agree that these are good ideas. I'd put all work on this site on hold during the pandemic because of childcare issues, but childcare and school are gradually starting up again, so hopefully someday I'll be making updates again.
#3: AM (adrian) on Jun 4, 2021
Thank you!

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